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The subject of this article appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. The subject of this article appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. The subject of this article appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

The .45 ACP FMJ is a type of pistol ammunition featured in all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

General characteristics[]

.45 ACP rounds area a lead ball round that is completely clad in a metal jacket, rather than having an exposed or hollow-pointed tip. The full jacket allows the bullet to feed reliably from magazines, reduce fouling in the weapon's bore, increase accuracy, and maintain integrity when the bullet strikes its target.

It is a heavy, relatively slow pistol round. Unlike other pistol munitions, it has higher air resistance, making the projectile slow down and lose altitude quicker. This lessens its effectiveness at longer ranges, but it still performs well against most types of enemies due to its power.

.45 handguns are a lot more effective than 9x18 or 9x19 pistols as they have a much higher penetration power, making them more effective against armored opponents. On the other hand, 9x18 and 9x19 are a lot more common, and perform better at medium to long ranges. Overall, the 9x18 and 9x19 are better to use in the early parts of each game as most of the foes will be using light armor, whereas .45 suit better the opposition by the later parts of the game.


It is used by the Kora-919, UDP Compact, SIP-t M200, Frasier and the Black Kite.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

A standard round for the Kora-919 and the SIP-t M200 pistols. It has a standard core and a full-jacketed bullet.

Shadow of Chernobyl in-game description

.45ACP rounds are hard to find early in the game, but become more common once the player reaches Rostok. Veteran and expert Loners tend to use .45 pistols, and since they tend to die quite often in the Wild Territory, Yantar, and in the Army Warehouses, it isn't too hard to scrounge .45 bullets from their bodies. Mercenaries and Freedom members use .45 pistols and Skinflint often sells this type of ammunition. 60 pieces of .45 ACP FMJ can be obtained from Chest in the stairwell stash in Agroprom.

Clear Sky[]

It is easier to obtain these bullets in Clear Sky. They can be bought from Ashot and Professor Sakharov. Veteran and expert Loners, Bandits, and Renegades equip .45cFMJ bullets quite often, and Monolith members, Freedom members, and most Mercenaries use .45 pistols.

Call of Pripyat[]

The .45 caliber full metal jacket round has enjoyed popularity for more than a hundred years thanks to its heavy bullet and a relatively small propelling charge. As a result, the bullet in this round is relatively slow but highly accurate and provides considerable stopping power.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

These rounds are very abundant since many Loners, Bandits, Freedommembers, Monolithians, and Zombified Stalkers use .45 pistols. Many stashes contain at least 100 of these bullets, and they can be bought from Owl and Hawaiian.


  • The ammo carton has the notation "525 Grn. M.C. Solid Bullets".
    • Grn indicates the weight of the bullet in grains. The standard US military Ball round is 230 grains [15 grams].
    • M.C. indicates that the bullet is "metallic cased", a Remington Arms term for "Full Metal Jacketed" (FMJ). The notation "FMJ" is also on the upper left corner of the box.
    • Solid Bullets indicates that the cartridges are Ball (lead slug) ammunition and do not contain a Semi-Armor-Piercing steel penetrator or Armor-Piercing metal core.