12x70 Buckshot is a type of shotgun ammunition featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

General Characteristics

The 12x70mm Buckshot is probably the most popular shells used by shotguns. It is 12 Gauge / 18.5mm (0.729") wide and 70mm (2.75") long. It contains 9 0.36" spherical pellets, which exit the barrel of a shotgun in a cone shaped pattern when fired.

Buckshot rounds are extremely deadly during initial velocity and are able to waste any unarmored stalker in a single shot, the sheer impact of the shells are also enough to stun anyone lucky enough to survive the shot. However the pellets have poor penetration as their spherical shape and light weight prevents them from properly piercing armor at range. Any stalker possessing heavy armor or at long range will most definitely survive a continuous volley unless shot in the head or worn down with a wasteful volley of buckshot. They are most effective against mutants, who do not posses armor and who heavily rely on melee combat.

12x70 Buckshot has the lowest penetration statistic of any munition in the game, making its performance against armor extremely low, and leaving it unable to penetrate any kind of cover, even some underbrush. On the other hand, it is more likely to stun or kill a target with a direct hit at close range due to it firing multiple pellets with each shot.

It can also be found in Dart and Slug variants.


12x70 Buckshot can be used in any smooth-bore shotgun, such as the TOZ-34, SPAS-12, Maverick 88, Sawn-Off TOZ-66, and Protecta. When a threading upgrade is applied to some shotguns, 12x70 Buckshot either loses a significant amount of accuracy, or can no longer be used at all. It should also be noted that even if accuracy isn't accounted for, buckshot pellets quickly lose the majority of their damage potential at range, and more severely than other projectiles, and unless shooting at completely unarmored targets, will be effectively useless.


  • In scripts, it is referred to as ammo_12x70_buck.


Shadow of Chernobyl

These shells are very common; many rookie Loners and Bandits who carry shotguns will have them on hand. They can be purchased from any trader, except for Colonel Petrenko. These rounds are effective against Stalkers with little to no armor, and are very effective against mutants.

Clear Sky

Buckshot shells remain easy to find, rookie Loners, Bandits, and Clear Sky members packing shotguns use them. Some members of Freedom and Duty carry these shells as well, and just about every trader sells them. While still very effective against mutants, they are not as effective against humans. Anyone wearing armor will surely survive more than one shot, unless a headshot is scored.

Call of Pripyat

Buckshot is still the most common type of shotgun munition available to the player. These rounds are the best against mutants. Trapper tells rookies to always keep some buckshot rounds handy for taking down packs of Rodents. They are poor against human enemies - barring a point-blank headshot - but great against all mutants that can be engaged safely at close range. Loners and Bandits have a lot of them, and they're almost always in stock at stores throughout Yanov and Zaton.

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