Dart bullet. Its fins add stability, resulting in increased accuracy. The massive steel body of the bullet can penetrate any body armor. Used with hunting rifles, shotguns, and the SPSA14 and Chaser 13 semiautomatic shotguns.
- Clear Sky in-game description

12x76 Dart rounds are shotgun rounds available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

General CharacteristicsEdit

The dart is a shotgun shell that is #12 Gauge / 18.5mm (0.729") wide and 76mm (3") long. It is a saboted fin-stabilized lead slug with a heavy steel core. The sabot protects the bore and increases the dart's muzzle velocity. The steel core penetrator gives it great armor-piercing abilities. Its fins add stability, resulting in increased accuracy.

It is effective against armored targets, but not very effective against mutants.


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

12x76 Dart

Inventory images

These rounds are very rare - no trader sells them, no NPC uses them, and they are absent from most stashes. Sidorovich and Professor Sakharov will reward the player with these rounds after doing several missions for them. Sidorovich in particular rewards the player with Dart rounds in exchange for bringing him a Bloodsucker's jaw, a quest which he will issue numerous times. Dart rounds are very effective against humans, even if they have medium to heavy armor. They are still not very effective against mutants, but are more effective than slug rounds in every way.

Clear SkyEdit

Dart rounds are a bit easier to acquire in Clear Sky. Professor Sakharov and several Loners traders may sell them. Several non-secret stashes contain these rounds in the Cordon, including one under the wrecked bridge. Just like slug rounds, darts are less effective than in Shadow of Chernobyl. However darts are not totally useless; they are the best choice against humans out of all 12 gauge shotgun shells, and still work against mutants to some extent. However, a typical Military grunt can still withstand several shots when using these rounds; rifles are simply much more effective.

Call of PripyatEdit

Dart rounds have been removed in Call of Pripyat; their role is filled by 12x76 Slug rounds, which have been modified to have the high damage and moderate armor piercing capacities traditionally given to Dart rounds with the same relatively high weight of previous Slug ammunition. Some resources for the ammunition still remains in Call of Pripyat's resources, including the inventory icon and in-game model.


  • Shotguns with rifled bores, such as the Threaded SPAS-12, perform with much greater accuracy when using darts or slugs. The player can select this upgrade in Clear Sky from a few technicians.
  • The yellow Cyrillic script along the right side of the box reads: Operionnaya Pulya (Оперённая пуля, "Feathered/Fletched Bullet"), meaning it is finned like an arrow.
  • The Cyrillic script in the bottom of the box reads: Droboviki ("Shotguns") "Saiga" & TOZ BM, indicating the weapons chambered for it.