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A common NATO military 5.56x45 caliber armor piercing round, known under its SS190/M855 index, widely used by Western security agencies and special services. Effective against body armor.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

5.56x45mm AP is a type of rifle ammunition featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.

General characteristics[]

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5.56mm M995 Armor-Piercing rounds are Full Metal Jacketed lead rounds with a hardened metal core that have optimal armor penetration capabilities. They are capable of tearing through most armors in-game.

5.56x45mm AP rounds have only slightly higher penetration ability than standard 5.56x45mm SS109 rounds, putting them on even ground with the 5.45x39mm BP. They have less air resistance than BP rounds as well, giving them a longer effective range, and they're still invaluable against heavy armor.

AP rounds are extremely effective against human targets, they slice through body armor like a hot knife through butter. Even opponents equipped with Skat-9 military armoured suits and Exoskeletons will fall in short order from a relatively short burst (no more than 15 rounds). They do roughly the same damage against armored targets as 9x39mm PAB-9 rounds.

However, they are a waste when used against the hordes of unarmored mutants since the rounds are designed to pierce armor, not cause extensive tissue damage.


It is used by the TRs 301, IL 86, SGI-5k, GP37 and the FT-200M, as well as the AKM-74/2 in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat after upgrade.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

These bullets can be found in several secret stashes, mostly in the Army Warehouses and in Pripyat. Some Duty and Freedom members, mainly those in their bases in Bar and Army Warehouses, sell small quantities (single magazine). After obtaining a friendly relationship with Freedom, Skinflint will sell these bullets. In addition, Monolith enemies from the Red Forest onward that use NATO weaponry will use these bullets, making these cartridges more common later in the game.

Clear Sky[]

These rounds are more widespread in Clear Sky. Ashot will sell them after helping Freedom eliminate the Mercenaries from the Dark Valley. Tooth might also sell them on uncommon occasions although his prices are doubled the normal price of the ammo unless one joins the Bandits faction. Professor Sakharov is the only cheap and neutral trader of AP rounds in the game. Aydar is also known to give the coordinates of a stash containing 3 boxes (150 rounds) of AP 5.56mm and regular SS109 rounds for 1500 RU. Few NPCs use these bullets, including Freedom veterans and experts, some Mercenaries in the Dark Valley and in the Army Warehouses, and some members of the Monolith faction. A few non-secret stashes contain these bullets; one near the Mercenaries in the Army Warehouses, and another in every Freedom camp in the same area. The contents of the stashes respawn so it is suggested to take these bullets from them every time. Several stashes contain these bullets, mostly in the Red Forest, the Army Warehouses, Limansk, and in the Limansk Hospital.

Call of Pripyat[]

AP rounds can be purchased from both weapon dealers in the game, and are commonly found on any Veteran or Master Stalker using NATO weaponry. Mercenaries in particular tend to carry AP rounds in abundance, but this accordingly makes them more dangerous then other Stalkers with similar weaponry. They are deposited for free in the player's locker in Yanov after getting the Mutant Hunter achievement, and can be acquired for free from Kirillov by asking for 5.56 rounds.


  • The text on the right side of the box lists the ZM LR-300, ZM LR-300 SFR, G36, FN FN-2000, and SIG 552, indicating the weapons chambered for it. It also, strangely, lists the 9mm MP5.
  • The flavor text erroneously describes the Armor-Piercing round to be the NATO SS190 or the US M855. The SS190 is the 5.7x28mm FN Ball round and the M855 is the American military's version of the NATO SS109 Semi-Armor-Piercing round.
  • The ammo carton has the notation "525 Grn. M.C. Solid Bullets" on the lower right corner.
    • This line of text is found on most of the military-style ammo cartons.
    • Grn indicates the weight of the bullet in grains. The US M995 cartridge's bullet weighs 52 grains [3.3 grams].
    • M.C. indicates that the bullet is "metallic cased", a Remington Arms term for "Full Metal Jacketed" (FMJ). The M995's bullet is covered in a copper sheath.
    • Solid Bullets indicates that the cartridges are Ball (lead slug) ammunition and do not contain a Semi-Armor-Piercing steel penetrator or Armor-Piercing metal core. However, the M995 has a square-based steel armor-piercing core slid inside a boat-tailed metal sabot.
  • The ammo carton says in the lower right corner that it holds 60 rounds. Military rifle cartridges either come packed in cartons that hold 20 loose rounds or cardboard spacers that hold two or three 10-round stripper clips.