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9x39mm rounds in real life. From left to right: SP-5, SP-6 and PAB-9

9x39mm rounds are subsonic rounds modeled after the soviet 7.62x39mm cartridge but having a larger neck to accommodate the 9mm slug. These rounds were specifically made for special forces use as they were meant to be chambered in stealth weapons such as the AS VAL. Subsonic rounds do not create a sonic boom when fired from silenced weaponry due to their low velocity, making them even more noiseless when being fired, however to achieve this: less gunpowder is used in the shells and heavier slugs are used for better penetration to compensate for less combustion, thus subsonic rounds have a shorter range compared to regular cartridges. Despite this though, 9x39mm rounds have a lethal range of 300 to 400 meters.

Shadow of Chernobyl[]


9x39mm ammunition can't be unlocked for purchase from the Bar, the Mobile Lab, Freedom or Duty until the player shuts off the psy-emitter "Miracle Machine" in lab X-16 in Yantar. They can be found, however, in stashes and as randomly generated ammunition from crates and lunch pales (armor piercing SP-6 rounds especially) as early as the Dark Valley, Army Warehouses, Wild Territory, Yantar & the Red Forest, all prior to shutting off Miracle Machine.

9x39mm types[]

Weapons that chamber this cartridge[]