Gameplay tips regarding the AK-74 assault rifle.

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

In SHoC, the AK-74/2 is best used in Semi-Automatic with a PSO-1 scope, so headshots are easily achieved. If fired at full auto, aim at the lower torso so the recoil brings it up to a headshot. This weapon is semi-easily available throughout the entire game at the Military base in Agroprom]. It is recommended that you keep it over the Obokan , since it has better handling, almost as high accuracy, and can use the GP-25 Koster grenade launcher.

Clear Sky Edit

How to get an AK-74 without resorting to buy one, combat against stalkers in Clear Sky or installing patch 1.5.10 This tip is how to get an AK-74 after you exit the swamps. There is a corpse just after the Loner Base at the side of the road. To get to him follow the northern road that leads to the Garbage, do not approach the entrance as there is a Military Garrison there however you will find a corpse just beside the road, killed by Boars with an and a Fort-12Mk2 or Martha (Beretta 92F) pistol. Use your map to find him as a gray dot. However as of patch 1.5.10 you will automatically start with an AK-74 which pretty much eliminates this tip.

Call of Pripyat Edit

In Call of Pripyat the AK-74 is likely the first upgrade you'll get over the AKM-74/2U. It can be easily found on dead corpses since it's commonly used in the Zone. It is a very versatile weapon, though it grows less useable as fast as an Obakan it is found early on near Yanov Station. It is best utilized with an PSO-1 scope, which requires an tool-less upgrade. It's sturdy build makes it useful for new Stalkers who are looking for a reliable gun that is cheap to maintain.

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