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Well, I signed up to do some work for the scientists, thinking it would be easy. What I failed to notice was that the contract only expires when all the work is done. The scientists promised to give me an official permit to be in the Zone at the end of it. I've completed every damn clause of the contract, except one little thing. I have to find all chemical artifacts in existence. Who could have known that you can't get Meat Chunks or Koloboks around here? If I could get those two, I would have headed towards Pripyat a long time ago, but I can't!


A contract with the scientists is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is offered by Garry who can be found in the Ecologists' bunker in Jupiter. Garry tells the player that he is interested in going to Pripyat. However, he has to first complete his contract with Hermann. He has to bring all sorts of chemical artifacts, but didn't manage to get his hands on a Meat Chunk and a Kolobok. Garry then asks the player to get the two artifacts for him so he can get to Pripyat.

Luckily, these artifacts are easy to find. The Meat Chunk and Kolobok are a common sight in chemical anomalies, and chances to obtain them can be increased by gaining the Seasoned Stalker achievement. The Meat Chunk and Kolobok are as well by default spawned in the Swamp and Oakpine in Zaton - unless the player collected these before they can simply get these here and bring them to Garry. Koloboks and Meat Chunks can be bought from Beard as well once the player completed the Compass mission, although buying both will cost more than 10000RU, and Garry's reward won't pay back.

The player can then just bring Garry the necessary artifacts to complete the mission.

This mission can be completed only before the player goes to the Jupiter Underground.


The reward for bringing the Meat Chunk is 2500 RU, and 3500 for bringing the Kolobok (6000 in total). As well, if the player has brought both artifacts, Garry will give the player a free Bubble artifact once the player talks to him again after getting the Gauss rifle from the Preacher.


  • It is quite ironic that the only chemical artifacts Garry couldn't find are the Kolobok and the Meat Chunk, since they are quite common. The most rare artifacts of chemical kind are the Bubble (which Garry gives as a reward for bringing both the Kolobok and Meat Chunk) and the Firefly, which are also only default spawns in the anomalies in Pripyat.
  • After the player brings Garry each artifact, they will appear in the laboratory. The Meat Chunk will be in a container next to the Altered Insulator, and the Kolobok will be in another, larger container near Ozersky.