Drooling for some pork chops already, huh? Heck, the Zone is full of boars! Take a bite of one of those and you won't be needing a flashlight anymore - that's how bad you'll be glowing in the dark! OK, OK, just kidding... The farm has long been abandoned and is now home to some stalkers. They didn't make a good impression on me, though, and I usually trust my gut feeling.
- Bullet

The Abandoned pig farm is an area of the Dark Valley featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The farm is walled in on all sides with only an iron gate on the east side for an entrance. However, the northern wall has collapsed in several areas to allow entrance from the north, too.


The only road in the Dark Valley runs along the east side of the farm. There are two identical buildings which face each other running north and south. Between the buildings is a tractor, a bunch of junk, and to the south is a large tank referred to as a cistern in the description of Pipe under the cistern. There is also a small pump house at the foot of the water tower in the northern part of the farm.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Hey, want an awesome gun? I found a little something near Yantar... a stash, I guess. There was this Gauss rifle among other things. I tell you, this thing rocks - anyone within a hundred meters of it is as good as dead... You can have it for just 800.
- Vampire's frontman

The farm is mentioned in a few conversations: one with Bullet after the player has rescued the Captive Dutyer, and another time when helping a wounded loner in the Gas Station with a Medkit. Bullet will state that the stalkers that reside in the farmstead did not make a good impression on him, and the wounded loner will tell the player that these stalkers supposedly sell a Gauss rifle.

The farmstead is home to Vampire, a Loner, and his group. Upon approaching the farmstead, Vampire's frontman calls the player over and tells him about Vampire's Gauss rifle offer. Should the player accept to pay him 800 RU, he retreats in the barn and Vampire threatens the player. Entering the barn causes Vampire and his party to turn hostile.

The mission Kill the stalker called Vampire takes place here, and due to Oleg Gusarov often patrolling the farm, the farmstead is also a potential location for the mission Kill the Stalker called Fiend.

Clear SkyEdit

The farmstead reappears in Clear Sky and is initially empty, but Mercenaries appear there when Chekhov sends the player to track down Lingov. Since the farm is near the Southern checkpoint and the road to the Cordon, the Freedom squad from the checkpoint, with your help, end the occupancy. While policing the camp, Freedom discovers the body of their betrayer, Lingov. After the Mercenaries are defeated, the area is occupied by Freedom, but if they move out they may be replaced by Loners. The mission Return Serega's guitar has the player take Serega's guitar from the farmstead.


  • Clear Sky Loot: The pump house has a metal box just inside the door on the left. Walk south to the building on the west to find a stack of wooden boxes on the outside wall. Further south along the wall is a crate. The eastern building has a wooden box and metal box inside, as well as a safe you can use as a stash.


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