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Abel (Avel' / Авель) was a Loner that appeared in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Clear Sky[]

Abel originally went to Hermit and claimed that he stood in the middle of a chemical  Gas Anomaly field and wasn't harmed. He bargained for some of Hermit's secrets in exchange for a supposed item of interest, a proof to his claims, inside the cabin in the small swamp west of Duty base in Agroprom which was infested with chemical based anomalies. He died inside the cabin most probably from the intense toxic fumes being emanated by the chemical anomalies under the cabin. The Bloodsucker that is lurking around the cabin, being the cause of his death, is much less probable. As it is known that Abel had time to request help, an encounter with the Bloodsucker wouldn't give that much time.