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Achievements are a way of tracking a player's progress in the game.

Call of Pripyat[]

Unlike traditional achievements from other video games, the single-player achievements in Call of Pripyat will noticeably influence the game's mechanics (Such as giving the player wider choices at equipment with traders, better artifacts spawn from anomaly fields, etc...). They are divided into two sections: Singleplayer and Multiplayer.


There are 21 unique achievements, however since some of them exclude one another, only a maximum of 18 can be held at the same time. For instance one can never be A Friend of Duty and A Friend of Freedom at the same time, but can be befriended with either faction and neutral Stalkers.

Single Player Achievements
A friend of duty.png
A Friend of Duty Awarded for maxing out one's reputation with Duty.
A friend of freedom.png
A Friend of Freedom Awarded for maxing out one's reputation with Freedom.
Friend of stalkers.png
A Friend of Stalkers Awarded for siding with Stalkers in certain quests
Keeper of secrets.png
A Keeper of Secrets Awarded for finding all of Strelok's group documents and giving them to him at the end of the game.
A man of balance.png
A Man of Balance Awarded for not siding with either Duty or Freedom.
A wealthy client.png
A Wealthy Client Awarded for acquiring 100 000 RU.
Artifact hunter.png
Artifact Hunter Awarded for finding at least one of every artifact.
Boss Awarded for maxing out one's reputation with Bandits.
Courier of justice.png
Courier of Justice Awarded for finding out Magpie's identity and bringing him to justice.
Detective Awarded for solving the mystery of disappearing Stalkers in Zaton.
Diplomat Awarded for solving quests in a peaceful way whenever possible.
Hi tech expert.png
Hi-Tech Expert Awarded for giving all three tool kits to Nitro.
Leader Awarded for gathering all four Stalkers for the trip to Pripyat.
Marked by the zone.png
Marked by the Zone Awarded for surviving three Emissions without shelter.
Mutant hunter.png
Mutant Hunter Awarded for finishing the entire mutant hunting quest line.
One of ours.png
One of Ours Awarded for maxing out one's reputation with Loners.
Pioneer Awarded for finding all three unique artifacts.
Research assistant.png
Research Assistant Awarded for maxing out one's reputation with the Ecologists.
Seasoned stalker.png
Seasoned Stalker Awarded for visiting every anomaly in Zaton and Yanov.
Trafficker of information.png
Trafficker of Information Awarded for selling ten different documents or PDAs to Owl
Weapon systems expert.png
Weapon Systems Expert Awarded for giving all three tool kits to Cardan.


Bloody Harvest

  • Kill the same enemy 10 times in a match.

Grim Reaper

  • Kill two enemies with one bullet.

Two Shots Two Bodies

  • Kill two enemies with two consecutive shots.


  • Achieve the highest rank (legendary).

Man Opener

  • Knife an exo-skeleton user to death.

Die Hard

  • Be brought to critical condition and survive.

Unrestrained Fury

  • Kill five enemies in five seconds.


  • Two knife kills in one life.

Lightning Reflex

  •  ?

Stopping the Fugitive

  • Kill an enemy sprinting away from you.


  • 20 kill streak.

Sniper Elite

  • Three consecutive one-shot kills with a sniper rifle class weapon.

Ambassador of Peace

  • Win a game without killing someone (Artifact Hunt).

Perfect Shot

  • Headshot over 120m.


  • Kill the enemy who killed you with a cooked grenade.


  • Killed three enemies after they killed three teammates.


  • Protect the artifact carrier twice in one life.

Saved Dignity

  •  ?

Stalker Sense

  • Grabbed the artifact within 5-10 seconds of it spawning.


  • Kill an enemy with the last bullet in a magazine.


  • 8 kill streak.


  • 15+ points with no deaths.

Silent Death

  • Kill streak with a silencer attached.

Overwhelming Superiority

  • Win the game while earning double the points of the opposition's best.


  • Score in an artifact game within 3 minutes.


  • Win an artifact game without losing your own artifact.

Round Champion

  • Top score, fewest deaths in one game.


  • Three knife kills in three minutes.

Achilles' Heel

  • Get a headshot kill with a pistol.

I Can Dodge Bullets

  • Sprint and knife an enemy already firing at you.