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The Agroprom is a major area in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. The name is used by stalkers to refer to the entire area, rather than just the institute itself.


A strange, heavily contaminated area, Agroprom is home to the Agroprom Research Institute and a factory, connected to the outside world via railway tracks. It's notable for it's extensive network of underground facilities, corridors and other areas. To the north-west lies a shallow lake, chocked full of abandoned equipment and other debris.

Following the 1986 incident, the Research Institute was created to analyze the possibilities of agriculture on radiated soil, apparently either as a sister facility to the Dark Valley science center or a replacement for it after the construction site was abandoned.



The Agroprom is made up of two major and one minor areas of interest to the player:

The Agroprom Factory complex[]

  • This centrally located facility will be the player's first point of call in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl when suborned to Help Mole's Group during the Military attack.
  • The Loners establish a camp here in both games which, while heavily contested in Shadow of Chernobyl, is better serviced in Clear Sky with resident ancillary support.
  • There is a Bandit spawn point to the west, which becomes a full Bandit camp closer to the Agroprom Swamp in Clear Sky.
  • The nominal entrance to the Agroprom Underground is located just west of the Factory Complex.
  • Very rarely, Bloodsuckers may appear and attack within the factory complex.
  • In Clear Sky, this is the home of Hermit.

The Agroprom Research Institute[]

The Agroprom Swamp[]

Also known as Lake Agroprom:

  • A minor location in Shadow of Chernobyl which is highly radioactive, infested with Fleshes, and Pseudodogs and is the location of a quest involving killing a soldier, who lives in the swamp.
  • In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky the area is less radioactive (although still toxic) and provides minor side missions for Scar as he travels to Yantar via the northern exit.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

  • The Agroprom is a key area with multiple steps towards the Marked One's goal of finding Strelok.
  • Making contact with Mole who gives the location of the Strelok Group's hideout, the stash itself and the location of the Military documents required by Barkeep and Sidorovich, is pivotal in resolving the primary mission segment.

Clear Sky[]

  • The Research Institute is used by Duty faction.
  • Base leader is General Krylov. He was first met by Scar when he needed access to the Agroprom Underground in order to find Strelok's stash. Krylov agrees on the condition that Scar floods the underground in the hopes kill the mutants residing there. When the job is completed, he will give 10,000 rubles to the player when he talks to him again. Once the player has completed this job the player can also ask Krylov to join Duty.
  • Duty Base has a Technician, Merchant, and even a shooting range near the top entrance of the Duty base where the player can earn money by beating the Major's expectations. The base also has a Barman who serves the Duty faction. The bar is called "The Peaceful Atom". He gives the location of his stash containing a few VOG-25 grenade shells and F1 grenades for only 350 rubles, located in the switchboard at Duty's base entrance, and sells various food items.


The Agroprom Research Institute is dominated by Military in Shadow of Chernobyl. Once the player enters the Agroprom Underground outside of the factory, clears the tunnels and emerges in the research institute, the military will attack him. One the player clears out the military and/or runs, Bandits will attack, then stalkers a few days later. Whoever wins the fight will occupy both or one of the structures, and defend it from occasional attacks from military forces and more bandits. Mutants in the form of Blind Dogs, Boars, Flesh, and Pseudodogs roam the area. The first time the player goes there, there is one Bloodsucker, but in later visits, there are a few underground and even one on the surface.

In Clear Sky, Agroprom is shared by both Loners and Duty. In the surrounding area there are Snorks, Blind Dogs, Pseudodogs, Bloodsuckers, and a lone Pseudogiant.


  • In Clear Sky, it is possible to fall off the edge of the world in Agroprom, if you head west towards where the zombies spawn, and walk up the hill towards the edge of the map, you will reach a point where the world ends, and drops down into infinity.
  • In some alpha builds (Build 1114, 2002 and Build 1510, 2003) of SoC the Agroprom is just a courtyard version of the factory. And it was supposed to be used as a demo/MP level.
  • Agroprom is one of the oldest levels to be created in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., along with Cordon. However, unlike Cordon, Agroprom has not suffered any important changes, retaining most of its design from the very first days of the development. Although, as noted above, some builds have just a portion of the level, and in some others the Agroprom underground was part of the same level.


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