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The Agroprom Research Institute is an old research institute that played an important role in the history of the Zone. It appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl in the south-west part of the Agroprom level.


A large, abandoned compound, the Agroprom is an empty shell, most of its equipment either looted or destroyed. However, its reinforced walls and general good shape of its structures make it a prime candidate for a forward military outpost in the Zone.

The Institute is also known for its vast network of underground tunnels and facilities, filled with anomalies and lost archives. The combination of military presence, unresolved mysteries and anomalies make it somewhat of a legend among stalkers.

In Clear Sky, contingents of Bandits can be found in a campsite to the west and in the railway tunnel to the east of the Stalker occupied buildings. These Bandit strongholds act as a staging ground for the constant raids the Bandits make against the stalkers in Agroprom and given the chance, the Bandits can take over the facility and occupy it themselves for the rest of the game if the stalkers aren't able to retake it.


This large, decaying institute has a long storied history. Built in the 1960s[1], the Institute was originally designated as Institute of Crop Selection and Genetics, with a field for experimental crops in the middle of the valley. Unofficially, it was used to research consciousness control, with moderate success: researchers were able to install simple commands in the minds of animals.[2][3] After the 1986 incident, the Institute was shut down and the fields burned. Sometime later it was reactivated and a small military base was built around it, encircled with a concrete fence. The Institute's new mission was not disclosed to the public, but it had virtually limitless funding.[2]

At the end of the 1980s, a factory was built where the experimental fields once stood, officially to build machines for agriculture on radiation-affected soil. Nobody ever saw a single machine built there.[4]

After the fall of the Soviet Union the Institute continued its cover operation, researching agriculture on irradiated soil, under the auspices of the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture. However, it eventually became a front for The Group: under Director Petr Strizh it has completely ceased its official operations as early as 2005, using state funding to acquire equipment for the clandestine research group, while falsifying official reports.[5]

After the Zone was "born", the Institute was abandoned, although none of its equipment or archives were removed or destroyed, especially in the underground sections. Some years afterwards Duty commandeered the building and by 2011 a fully fledged faction headquarters were established. The stalkers thoroughly analyzed the information they recovered from the Institute's archives in order to better understand the Zone and destroy it. Problems started when they tried to seal off sections of the Institute's underground facilities. A simple demolitions job caused a cave in, which opened up new sections of the tunnels, but also woke the mutants inhabiting the subterranean sections.

Fighting masses of monsters daily, Duty found itself forced into a defensive. However, thanks to Scar, they managed to flood the underground sections, killing off mutants and lightening the life of stalkers in Agroprom.

Sometime after this event, Duty salvaged what it could of the Institute, including a seemingly derelict Mil Mi-24 Hind and BTR-70s. Shortly after, military forces invaded the compound and seized it for use as a forward operations post. Under their control, in May 2012, Security Bureau of Ukraine operatives under the command of Captain D. F. Maksimenko conducted an investigation into the activities of the Institute before it was abandoned. This was carried out as part of Project Truth headed by Colonel V. M. Kruchelnikov.

Reports and files pertaining to this investigation were recovered by Strelok in a daring raid into the Institute.


The Institute is dominated by the main building, whose three floors contained the main offices and research labs. In front of it two storage hangars used for recreation are located, along with a barrack and a trading post. A brick utility building is located northwest of the main structure, housing what seems to be a medical bay. A parking area with garages is located opposite the southwest corner of the main building, right next to four large storage tanks for unknown liquids. Behind the main building is the 'zoo' consisting of a row of cages for captured mutants. Along the north side of the site is a rifle range with targets.

Bandit raiders will constantly probe the outside of the buildings, in addition to military forces attempting to reoccupy it, so Agroprom should never be visited without suitable armaments.

Gallery Duty Base Stalker Clear Sky[]


  • In the earliest builds, the research institute was called the "Medpribor" Research Institute.[6] This would suggest it was originally meant to produce medical equipment (pribor is Ukrainian for "object, device")


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