Enhanced machine gun. Comes with a non-replaceable muffler.

In-game description

The Akm 74/2U Special is an unique AKM-74/2U featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


This weapon features a pinned, external suppressor that cannot be removed and far higher reliability than the standard weapon. As well, this variant gains extreme reliability, akin to the Noiseless Viper, the Viper 5 9x18 and the Storming Obokan, making all four guns the most reliable weapons of the game. Apart from this, it is no different than the standard AKM-74/2U. The weapon is held by Bes, who is located in the derelict machinery scrapyard in the Garbage.

Like all custom silenced weapons, the Akm 74/2U Special does not suffer from the 20% stat penalty caused by mounting a silencer on a weapon.

Despite this, the gun itself isn't very remarkable due to its already low damage and mediocre accuracy like its normal cousins, although can be a bit of an asset early in the game where assault rifles are still an uncommon sight. It is also a silenced weapon, which can be useful for missions requiring a bit of stealth and the rifle rounds it uses ensures that it can readily cut down lightly armored stalkers with a accurate burst.

Killing Bes will not always alert the other Loners near him. Thus, if one is feeling evil, killing Bes with a single headshot to obtain this weapon won't be too problematic.


  • In the original Russian version of the game, the weapon is called AKM 74/2U Spetsnaz.


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