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A unique model of the SIP-t M200 handgun. Part of a small limited edition made for an unidentified special forces unit. The model benefits from an increased magazine capacity, a high durability steel barrel, and an ultra-durable polymer frame.

In-game description

The Alpine is a unique weapon featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


There are only two differences between the Alpine and the standard SIP-t M200 - the magazine size has been increased by three rounds, and the reliability has been increased. It shares the same upgrade tree as the SIP-t M200.

After first Tier upgrades, this pistol can carry 14 rounds, 2 less than the March, another unique weapon. The magazine size makes it a must-buy for those who want to dispatch the most enemies before reloading, although this requires well placed shots to the enemies' heads.

This pistol will shoot faster than a Black Kite, while matching its handling and accuracy. With a weight of only 0.72 kg unloaded, it is more than a kilogram lighter than the Black Kite The lower weight alone makes this a coveted weapon with discerning stalkers. The only downside of this pistol is that the damage is just slightly lower at 44, versus the 50 of the Black Kite.


The Alpine can be used as a lightweight sidearm for players who carry a heavy specialized weapon yet still want the ability to sprint long distances without the weight of an assault rifle. This is an excellent sidearm for the roaming sniper if an assault rifle/sniper rifle combination proves too taxing endurance-wise. The low cost of repair compared to a full-size weapon is beneficial in all cases.


The only way to acquire this weapon is by asking Nimble for a pistol order. The player may or may not get it on their first request.