Altered Wheel is a quest artifact that can be found only in Call of Pripyat.


Call of PripyatEdit


This was once the dredge station wheel. It has now half-converted into a strange artifact. No properties are notable, other than active glowing and a massive radioactivity.


Beard pays 3000 RU for it.


Found on a barge in Dredge Station in the Zaton area.

Related QuestsEdit

A useless artifact that Beard requests for an Extraordinary Phenomena mission. There are several different outcomes regarding this quest. The player can also take this artifact to the scientist's bunker at Yanov station, however Hermann would give you only 2000 RU in exchange for the artifact, unlike Beard, who would reward you with 3000 RU and coordinates to a stash.

Note: Tuna and his two friends will always appear outside the Dredge Station after you collect the artifact , even if you did not talk to Beard to initiate the quest.

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