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The ammo spawn glitch is a quick, free, and easy way to earn ammunition that is normally hardly found in the zone, such as sniper rifle ammo, RPG missiles or Gauss gun ammo. This has been proved working on unpatched version of SOC.

How to get itEdit

The first thing to understand is the fact that when you enter a part of the Zone, corpses will always provide you equipment or stashes locations, even though you already looted everything in your previous visit. This is made to help you recovering from prolonged explorations deep in the Zone, but there is a way to make it fight for you. As you probably noticed some corpses never disappear even after other people that died at the same time have vanished from the Zone; most of them are from scripted NPCs, such as the military commander under the bridge, the three bandits at the entry of the Garbage, Fox, Seriy, Doctor, faction leaders and my favourite, the randomly named corpse next to a AK when you arrive at Rostok from the Garbage (there are more, such as the Duty squad in the Military Warehouses and some ambushes NPCs, but you got the point, right?). This is were I'm starting to sound smart: when you put loot in these corpses, it's like a stash; it will never disappear.[1] Soooo now let's see what happens when you loot a corpse and there is a weapon in it. Right, there is ammo for this weapon too. Starting to understand? Just pick up a scripted NPC corpse, drag him to a place you always go through when you visit the area (I drag the random corpse between the side of the arena and the entry of the Bar, in front of the hangar), put a weapon in it (a RPG, a sniper rifle, your gauss rifle or whatever), and either save/load[2] or leave the area then come back, and you'll have some ammo spawned in the corpse, next to your lovely weapon, isn't that fantastic?

  • For more ongoing fun, realize that putting a weapon with a mounted/attached grenade launcher will also spawn you some delicious grenades of the correct type!
  • Oddly, if the corpse belonged to a high ranked stalker, higher level ammo MAY appear (noticeably the VOG-25R grenade with a Tunder S14).
  • Note that you will almost NEVER get a full box with this (missiles and grenades put aside). Generally a half-load or less (4-5 max for sniper ammo).
  • With patch 1.0001 and above, extra ammo does not spawn on corpses if you put weapons into them and leave locations, to circumvent that using patch 1.0005/06(what most players use) get the weapon you wish to find ammo for loaded (RPG/Gauss rifle)...and drop it to an NPC that only has a pistol (zombie/rookie bandit/stalker)..then wait until they draw it out and quickly kill them. The game will generate extra ammo in their inventory plus whatever was loaded in the gun. If the NPC shot it out before you could kill him, there will be no ammo.

Side noteEdit

  1. Putting more than one weapon MAY result in the disappearance of one of them, but there is far enough of these corpsy-stashes not to need to try.
  2. 5% of effect, just leave it there and loot each time you pass, it should be enough.
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