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An experimental drug developed by Professor Ozersky for scientific research teams working in the Zone. At its core, the drug contains tetrodotoxin, known colloquially as "zombie powder", which causes a complete shutdown of the body's central nervous system that may allow people to survive emissions outside cover. The drug has not undergone clinical or field testing, which puts its effectiveness in doubt and raises the issue of possible side effects.

In-game description

Anabiotics are a rare drug items introduced in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Created by Ozersky, the anabiotics knock the user into an artificial coma when ingested. Taking the anabiotics during the lead up to a Emission allows the player to survive unscathed even if he's nowhere near a shelter. The obvious drawback is that the player is knocked unconscious - if they wake up after an emission, they may be attacked by mutants as soon as they wake up.

Aside from this, the Anabiotics serve no purpose and have no effect when used not during a Blowout.

Using them three times to survive will earn the player the Marked by the Zone Achievement allowing one to survive emissions without anabiotics.

Acquiring Anabiotics[]

The Anabiotics can only be earned through a handful of ways:

  • In the Dangerous Cave in Zaton.
  • In a stash at the end of a jacking pipe tunnel directly below the Krug Antenna Complex. One will come accross this tunnel during mission Missing Stalkers. Alternatively, the tunnel can be enterted directly from the south of Swamp, the Stingray 5 crash site.  
  • In a stash in Yanov - under a tree east from the northern tunnel.
  • As a reward from Topol, if the player speaks to him after he switches to an Exoskeleton.
  • For sale from Hermann after earning both the Researcher and Pioneer achievements.
  • On a bookshelf inside Lab X-8 in the three Burers room. Another is at the bottom floor on a shelf near one of the documents, near the small water tunnel patrolled by rodents.
  • Very rarely found in the loadout of high-ranking stalkers.


  • It is strange that the anabiotic is stated to be made by Ozersky thanks to the player's contribution, as they can be found in the open. Their presence in Lab X-8 imply these were possibly developed first by the Group, or else it is most likely an oversight.
  • The Anabiotics can serve a rather dastardly purpose. While for the most part, A-Life automatically simulates stalkers running to shelter and taking cover, using anabiotics pauses the A-Life for the duration, just like sleeping. Any stalker not in shelter within the player's viewing range - roughly a 150m radius - will therefore be killed by the blowout when anabiotics are used, at no penalty to the player. Note that most "special" (quest-related) NPCs are immune to blowouts.