In the Putrid Grove, where trees are all warped from acid. People who've been there say it's full of gas anomalies. There's so much gas in the air that you can't see straight but with enough experience you can find the artifacts you're looking for.
- Stalkers description

The Anomalous Grove is a location in Yanov featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


It is located in the central part of Yanov, between the Yanov station and the Quarry, and south to the Duty warehouse. The Anomalous Grove has very few gas anomalies. The default artifact there is a Bubble, and the anomaly only spawns semi-common and rare artifacts.

The Anomalous Grove is featured in the mission Anomalous Grove for Ozersky, where the player must pick up an anomalous plant in order to have Hermann give Sokolov a SSP-99M Suit for the Jupiter Underground. Once the player picked the plant up, the amount of gas anomalies in the area increase dramatically. Still, with adequate chemical protection, a keen eye, as well as a Svarog detector, exploring the grove for artifacts will be made somewhat easier and less dangerous. While this is pretty much a drawback depending on the equipment available, it has the advantage of making artifacts spawn more commonly here, namely the default Bubble.

Random stalkers often explore the anomaly.

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