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An area filled with a previously unknown anomalous plant has appeared near the edge of the quarry. I really want a sample of this plant, but stalkers refuse to go near the place. If I had one of those plants, I could speak to Hermann about rewarding you with one of the spare suits.

Anomalous plant icon big.png

The Anomalous plant is a side-mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat given by Professor Ozersky. Though a side quest it is vital to complete it in order to have Sokolov join the team in the main mission Pripyat 1.


This "Unknown Anomalous Plant" to which Ozersky referred, is located in the middle of the Anomalous Grove anomaly. The Grove itself is south east of Yanov station. One has to be prepared to encounter an extraordinary amount of Gas anomalies of which the Grove is mainly made. Without proper protection and Svarog detector it is quite difficult to complete the task.