S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Wiki

Professor Hermann

It'd be unreasonable to neglect this opportunity to employ such an experienced stalker like you. Our scientific team is definitely in need of your services. We need measurements, device placement. You see, I'm trying to find a correlation between emissions and the appearance of artifacts in anomalies. I have a theory on how to predict how many artifacts of the given type will appear in an anomaly after an emission. In order to complete my calculations, I need statistics, and to get statistics I need several scanners placed inside anomalies of different types. 


Place the three scanners in the three anomalies and head back to Hermann.

  • Parking Lot: Near the building. Watch out for the electrical anomalies and possible Zombified Stalkers in the vicinity.
  • Concrete Bath Anomaly: At the edge of the chemical anomaly. Mutants gather sometimes, and a Bandit patrol may be on the nearby bridge.
  • Bitumen Anomaly: Offset a few meters from the centre of the widest part of the anomaly. To minimize exposure to the thermal anomaly, players can slide down the steep cliff from the side closest to the objective marker and land almost on top of it rather than enter from the south.


  • 5000 Ru
  • The player can ask Hermann if any new artifacts have appeared in the three monitored anomalies.


Later on you can get a follow-up quest to place two more scanners in Ash Heap and Fen. However, they're marked to accept the scanners from the very beginning, meaning you can accidentally place one of the three initial scanners in one of them - or both. Doing so will break the quest(and the follow-up one as a result), so watch where you place the scanners.

Occasionally, when using the PDA to check the anomalous areas in Yanov where scanners have been placed, the text "Scanners have detected artifacts:" will appear, but there will be no artifacts listed, and no artifacts will be at the site.