Mexaminum radiation protection drugs are common in the Zone. When used, this drug induces contraction of peripheral blood vessels and oxygen deprivation, which serves to treat and prevent radiation exposure. The drug does not have severe side effects, although isolated cases of mild nausea, dizziness, cramps and stomach pain have been reported.
- Call of Pripyat ingame item description.

Antirad is a packet of anti-radiation drugs that neutralize radiation accumulated in the body. It's five times lighter than vodka, but also much more expensive.


Each stalkers primary line of defense in the constant struggle for survival with The Zone's radiation. Quite common amongst stalkers, regardless of their experience or affiliation. Even so, due to the fact that nearly everything in the Zone - from a rodent to a whole building - might, and probably is, touched by a hand of nuclear warmth its value is relatively high. Anti-rad's way of application differs throughout the series, its either a packet consisting of two blue and red pills that are supposed to be ingested immediately or a syringe with an anti radiation drug solution for injection. However, the aim is the same - remove radioactive particles from the system as soon as possible. Anti-rad is not meant to prevent and protect but to neutralize the consequences after being exposed.

No matter how experienced, one should always have Anti-rad close at hand - against radiation there are no victors, only survivors.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Anti-rad in Shadow of Chernobyl is capable of completely removing all radiation poisoning from the player's body, and is usually stocked by most traders at varying prices. In the beginning, Sidorovich sells one unit of Anti-rad for roughly 1000 RU, making radiation more dangerous to a player who spends most of their cash on other things first. Later in the game Anti-rads become more common, with nearly every trader selling them for between 300-500 RU, as well as many Veteran and Expert ranked Stalkers carrying them by random chance, as decided by the game's code.

Clear Sky Edit

In Clear Sky, the only thing that is changed is the amount of radiation removed. Anti-rad neutralizes 'only' 2/3 of the radiation bar. This, however, usually is enough as after being exposed to a higher dosage, death comes very quickly. Take note that just like in Shadow of Chernobyl this only removes accumulated radiation, it does not protect the user from further contamination.

Call of Pripyat Edit

In Call of Pripyat, called Anti-radiation drugs. Just like in other two parts of the series it is not designed to provide long lasting protection against radiation, but to remove rads already present in player's body over a period of time. However it can be ingested prior to a dive into a radiation zone to provide some degree of very short term protection. Despite this, usage of Radioprotectant is recommended as a protection as its effects last six times longer. Also it is designed for prevention instead of healing. The main and most important difference for Anti-rad is that irradiation already done will withdraw in time. The effect is not instant like in Shadow of Chernobyl or Clear Sky.

Hints for fighting radiationEdit

  • If you need to go to an infested area for a short duration (like less than 30 seconds - you don't need more time to clear a stash), just go there and ignore the radiation and dropping health. When you're done, go to a safe area and take ONE anti-rad or an adequate amount of vodka. If needed, use some food, bandages or vodka to heal your wounds. If you have the time to wait for the level of radiation to drop, leave it; there's no need to waste medical supplies.
  • If you have limited supplies of anti-rads or vodka, use an anti-radiation artifact, get into the area, get out and watch the radiation (slowly) clear out of your body; use medical supplies or food only if your health drops low.
  • Or better yet, make permanent use of an anti-rad artifact and a health-restoring artifact, to alleviate the dangers of hazardous levels of radiation.
  • As an alternative, instead of using any vodka or anti-rad, you can have a radiation absorbing artifact in your belt. However, this may not be possible in some "duty" suits.
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