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Artifact order is the only repeatable quest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat and brings in significantly more cash than any other quests available. Completing Extraordinary Phenomena is a prerequisite to accessing these orders.

The quest becomes unavailable if the player chooses to support Sultan in his attempts to strangle Beard's supply.

If the player has the artifact required by Beard at the time of accepting the mission, he pays the maximum available price.

Artifacts wanted by Beard[]

Firefly 24,000 RU
Flame 24,000 RU
Goldfish 24,000 RU
Snowflake 24,000 RU
Bubble 18,000 RU
Eye 18,000 RU
Gravi 18,000 RU

18,000 RU

Example: The minimum fee Beard pays normally for the Firefly artifact is 14,400 RU, the maximum 21,600 RU (with all perks) while as an order he will pay 24,000 RU. It is always better to sell a rare artifact using a mission option if only available.

Most of the times when asked which ones he needs, Beard mentions 3 different, random, rare artifacts for the player to get for him out of 8 rare artifacts. Seldom he asks only for 2 to choose from. After an artifact is sold that way, usually another not necessarily different one is added to complete the triplet. Sometimes no new request is added so a player is left with the only remaining 2 orders.


  • A Veles detector is needed to locate any of the artifacts.
  • You can wait (i.e. sleep) for approximately 15-30 hours, and the mission will be updated to the show location of other Stalkers hunting the artifact. They will be next to the anomaly that produces said artifact. Killing these Stalkers yields the artifact in question, and generally 2 of the Stalkers in the group carry Veles detectors. If done twice - killing both of the artifact hunter teams - Beard will tell you that "both teams who [worked for him] have gone missing" and he decides not to give out jobs temporarily. It takes one to two days for Beard to start taking in artifacts after killing the Stalkers.
  • Killing Beard's artifact hunters is probably the easiest way to obtain Veles detectors for use in obtaining the Svarog detector.
  • Killing the artifact hunters seems to be the only way to obtain the artifacts in their possession, unless you buy the artifacts from them.
  • Stockpiling artifacts in Zaton is a good idea, as you can always maintain a healthy supply, reducing the need to hunt for them. The lower-tier artifacts, such as the Shell and the Eye, are a great way to rack up money (only 6000 RU less than the higher-tier ones). In addition, getting certain achievements will drastically boost the money gaining rate, simply by selling duplicates.