Way to offload your crap on me, I'll know better next time!
- Ashot

Ashot is a stalker appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

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Clear Sky Edit

Ashot is the Freedom faction's trader and is responsible for much of their gear. Ashot is a cheerful and optimistic fellow who claims that he feels better in the Zone than Sochi and very much enjoys his life in Freedom. According to himself, he has been put on several blacklists and even hit-lists by important underworld personalities, because he is a major opponent in the trading business, due to his low prices and quality equipment. Scar meets Ashot during the Freedom part of the main quest, after commandant Lingov sends him to the trader to get some ammunition for one of the Freedom camps.

Ashot and the technician Yar commonly tease and taunt each other over the base's intercom system, prompting Freedom officers to step in and shut them up.


  • Strangely after Lingov's death, Ashot and Yar never argue again...much to the dismay of many. The two may have been doing it specifically to annoy Lingov, however, as he interrupts each argument by telling them both to shut up.
  • Judging by the name and accent, Ashot is Armenian. He also says that he is from Sochi.

  • If one sticks nearby the Freedom base in Clear Sky long enough, you can sometimes catch Ashot and Yar teasing each other over the intercom, some examples of the teasing:
    • Conversation 1:
      • Yar: Yo, Ashot, are you gonna bring that over here or what?.
      • Ashot: That will be 20 dollars!
      • Yar: You cheapskate! ...All right, get them from the commandant..
      • Ashot: Come again?.
      • Yar: So how 'bout it, Ashot?.
      • Ashot: If you want it, you get it, OK? Move your ass!
      • Yar: You're a real jerk, you know that? You're just sitting there, doing nothing all day!
      • Ashot: Hey, you go suck my--
      • Freedom Officer: Cut the bullshit, you bozos! You're making the whole base sound like a used car dealership!!
    • Conversation 2:
      • Ashot: Hey Mr. Fix-it! We got a used gun you have a look?
      • Yar: That will be 20 dollars.
      • Ashot: Hey come on. Yesterday's joke no funny today!
      • Yar: Alright bring your stupid gun over here.
      • Ashot: I no can leave my shop alone, you come to me eh?
      • Yar: How 'bout you just use that damn gun right in your shop in the most unnatural way possible?
      • Freedom Officer: Hey! Ashot, Yar, both of you shut the hell up! Your yapping is worse than my mother's. I can't take it anymore!
    • Conversation 3:
      • Ashot:Hey Yar!
      • Yar: Yup?
      • Ashot: Look what I got in here
      • Yar: What you got in there A-shot?
      • Ashot:Come here and see!
      • Yar:You got nothing that would impress even a little girl. No, you come over. I've got something to show you, or should I stick it out for you to see?
      • Ashot: I no have microscope...!
      • Freedom Officer: Have you both lost your freaking minds?! What is this a dick measuring contest? SHUT THE HELL UP NOW!
Stalker Clear Sky - Freedom's Best

Stalker Clear Sky - Freedom's Best. Ashot and Yar!

Stalker Clear Sky - Freedom's Best. Ashot and Yar!


  • ^aShadow of Chernobyl model.

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