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See? Your suit can handle it, keep going.......

Awl about to be proven wrong.

Awl (Shilo / Шило) is a Loner featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Awl is a friend of Petruha. The two pooled their money to buy a new suit capable of reliably protecting them while exploring anomalous areas but could only afford one Sunrise suit, which Petruha wears.


Call of Pripyat[]

Awl appears near the proximity of the Boiler anomaly in Zaton, watching over Petruha as he is hunting for artifacts. Petruha at first is a little reluctant to tempt his luck on the anomaly field, but Awl cheers him on to try, eventually resulting in Petruha being incapacitated when he triggers one of the boilers.

Awl will yell to the player to help Petruha by giving him a medkit and telling him to give it to him. After the scene, he and Petruha will eventually wander around Zaton like regular loners. They are easily killed, sadly, as the player cannot heal them with a medkit if they are wounded. Instead, they recieve the same dialogue thanking the player for rescuing Petruha, and the option to give them a medkit isn't available.

However one can trade with Awl and Petruha either at night aboard the Skadovsk or if they are there while waiting out an emission, giving them a few nice weapons and medkits will result in two fierce fighters.


  • It is not required to speak with Awl once Petruha is incapacitated by the boiler anomaly. However, the player will be forced to use any of his own medkits and will not receive a free one from Awl.