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Aydar (Айдар) is the Loner technician in Agroprom and only makes an appearance in Clear Sky.


Aydar is the Loner technician of Orest's stalker group based in the Agroprom Research Institute grounds during Clear Sky.


Clear Sky[]

Aydar doesn't have much specializations in assault rifles as he can only upgrade most of them by one tier, his forte however, are pistols and shotguns.

He is also notable for being one of the few technicians who can fully upgrade a Black Kite, though he will need 2 USB flash disks containing upgrades for the handgun which can be found in the Garbage by buying coordinates from varying sources. He can also fully modify an SPSA14, but he will need 1 USB flash disk for the final upgrade. He gives 3 jobs which requires 3 USB flash drives containing upgrades for combat shotguns and for the Black Kite.

If Aydar is encountered by the player while hostile to the Loners, like most enemy technicians and merchants he simply raises both hands in surrender. However, if confronted first by a grenade or knife rather than firearm he will curse Scar defiantly, alerting other stalkers to his presence.