The Bandit Base is a location featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


For a detailed overview of the evolution of this location consult the Dark Valley location report.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit


In Shadow of Chernobyl, the Dark Valley is controlled by Bandits and this building, an old factory, is their main base. The main mission for this site is given by Barkeep, and requires the player to get one of the keys for Lab X-18 from Borov, the bandit leader. To do this, the player must infiltrate the base and kill Borov.

Upon approaching, a mission update provided by Barkeep gives the Player indicated entry via the sewer from the local swamp and a point of egress via the walkway extending to the South. Within the Base there are 25-30 bandits armed with sawn-off shotguns, Viper 5s, AKM-74/2 and AKM-74/2U rifles. However the majority of the opposition are noisy and inattentive in varying degrees.

The location also has some reasonable loot in the fully patched game but is far less generous than the unpatched game. In the ground floor of the main building there is an armory strongroom with arms & armor. In the basement there's also a prison cell in which a Dutyer is held prisoner. The player must free him as part of a secondary mission, Free the Dutyer from prison.

Several attack strategies are available.

Entrance by SewerEdit

Self explanatory, but two obvious routes to the target (Borov) are pertinent.

  • The scenic route via the warehouse skyway, knocking out opposition on the way to the strongroom and ultimately, the target.
  • The back way, dropping the minimal resistance by the sewer, dodging the anomalies near Backpack in a secret place, running through the radiation hazard and into the office end of the Base by way of the loading bay. This avoids all but about 6 of the remaining bandits and raiding the strongroom is still easily accomplished.

Entrance by Front GateEdit

Probably the most appealing if Player is entering Bandit Base after the Free the Dutyer mission is determined.

  • With or without a scoped rifle, the single guard can usually be taken by surprise.
  • The motor pool provides good cover from initial opposition, has a few packing cases for added opportunity and often has spawn points for Fireball or Droplet artifacts.
  • Again, Player may elect to choose the more direct route via the skyway or the side route mentioned previously.

Base ExitEdit

The mission indicates that the Player should exit via the elevated walkway during which a mission update is provided instructing the Player to "Find the entrance to the Lab"

Exit through the sewer or front gate is also possible.

Fuel storage facilityEdit

Across the street from the Bandit Base there's a fuel storage and vehicle refueling facility. In its office building there are stalkers, one of them wounded, the other dead. Upon entering the room, it is revealed that the one stacking the bodies there was a Bloodsucker, who attacks both the Player and the wounded stalker. If they both survive, the Player can then go on to heal the wounded stalker. In return, the stalker gives the Player the information that a Gauss rifle is on an extraordinary sale for just 800 RU.


  • Using the side route might lead the Player into an early confrontation with Friar. This may also result in his weapon being found in excellent condition.
  • After Borov's death, Poker may spawn outside near the motor pool. It may be preferable to leave him to his own devices and pursue him in a later mission.
  • The works caravan near the sewer contains a Merc Suit.
  • One or two mid-range artifacts are in that area too.
  • The packing case in the loading bay contains a Crystal Thorn.
  • One of the oil pits in the vehicle pool contains an Obokan and 60 5.45x39mm rounds, guarded by two Burners.
  • If Player pays a visit to the Bandit Base after Bullet's Free the Dutyer mission, ostensibly to rescue his buddy in a timely fashion, and kills Borov in the process; be sure to 'interview' his corpse. Doing so will result in the key being obtained (silently) before Barkeep has issued the main mission segment to Lab X-18. Consequently, when Barkeep issues the other key to the Player, entry to the Lab may be undertaken directly.
  • The stashbox in Borov's office may contain more than one PSO-1 scope as well as some useful ammunition. These items seem to be a side effect of the Bandit respawning process.


Within the compound:

Several other stashes are located close to the Bandit Base as well.



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