Overview Edit

The Garbage is a hotbed of Bandit activity in Shadow of Chernobyl that may conveniently be broken down into 3 Minor and 2 Very Minor centers.


Camp 1Edit

This is located alongside the main road to the South of the East Pile and West of the swamp. Player will pass this grouping after visiting Bes.

The camp is the recurring objective of Trader's Destroy the bandit camp at the Garbage side-mission. If the Player takes the initiative to purge the camp without being asked, the camp rarely re-spawns before the Pseudodogs take the location over.

Camp 2Edit

This is the camp from which Bandit attacks spawn in the direction of Bes and the Scrapyard. Some spawns also attempt to reinforce the third camp on the road near the tunnel.

During the course of the game, it is often the case that the Loner group at the Scrapyard attack and displace the Bandits and establish their own base here whilst their previous location is also occupied by Pseudodogs.

There is an Eliminate the bandits at the Garbage side-mission offered by Barkeep which centers on this location.

Camp 3Edit

Is responsible for the attacks upon Seriy's Train hangar, respawns almost immediately upon removal, harasses travelers on their way to Agroprom and frequently attracts the attention of both Military and Loner attack squads.

This camp is the one that Voronin will want eliminated in his Destroy the bandits side-mission.

Camp 4Edit

A small gang of Bandits lurk behind the Flea Market ruins, one of whom is a renegade Loner. Their modus operandi consists of using the renegade's false distress beacon to lure Rookies into their range. They can be easily ignored, or circumvented in case the player is heading towards the Dark Valley.

Camp 5Edit

Is located in the vicinity of Nobody's backpack, remain in that locale and will only bother Player if their territory is threatened. There is occasionally ancillary loot near their camp but nothing of major importance.


  • None of the Bandit Camps are heavily armed or armoured, and should pose little difficulty to the cautious traveler.
  • On returning from Agroprom, the player may safely run past the Camp 3 gang when they begin their attack run on the Train Hangar, or ambush them from behind for devastating results.
  • Only Camp 2 could genuinely be called a Camp in the true sense, as unlike the others, it has a campfire and a stash box.
  • Opposition at each location varies from a couple of trench-coated shotgunners at Camp 5 to squads of 6-8 at Camps 2 and 3.
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