Traditional bandit clothing - a leather jacket with armor pieces sewed in. The protection it provides is completely inadequate for the harsh conditions of the Zone. Does not hold any artifacts by default, but can be upgraded to hold one artifact.
- Clear Sky in-game description

The Bandit Jacket is the standard clothing of rookie Bandits and Renegades. It is available to the player in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The jacket consists of a black leather anorak with kevlar patches sewn into it and blue tracksuit pants (apparently from a fake Adidas tracksuit) tucked into white running shoes and a beige hoodie worn underneath. Typically, it's also worn with a backpack made of hemp with extra straps across the chest. The appearance of the Bandit jacket is identical to that of the Leather jacket, the only difference being the colors of the outfit.

The bandit jacket does not provide much protection and is just marginally more useful than the Leather jacket.


Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

The Bandit Jacket is only marginally better than the Leather jacket with an extra 5% protection to knife wounds and bullets. A Bandit Jacket can be found at the Bandit's main base in the Dark Valley, in the armory, which is inside the basement. One may also be found in a train car outside of the depot in the Garbage, and another can be found in Strelok's hiding place. Yet another one lays out in the open in the Garbage, in a boxcar outside the depot. The Mail Jacket is actually the first one that can be acquired by the player. A secret stash in the Garbage may also contain this suit.

A standard bandit jacket can be found in the buildings on the opposite side of the Abandoned Car Park and two can be found in a stash near the heaviliy irradiated derailed train in the Cordon's edge opposite to Nimble's cache. All, as can be expected, are in top notch condition and the two in the train stash seem to have above-average durability.

Unique variants Edit

Clear Sky Edit

In Clear Sky, it has the same stats and upgrades of that of the basic Leather Jacket, save for 2 built-in artifact containers by default. It is sold by Sidorovich and Tooth, and most technicians can upgrade it. It doesn't really see much use as by the time you get this far, you can have a CS-3a Body Armor which outclasses it hands down.

In the version 10 patch, the Bandit Jacket no longer comes with containers by default.


Upgrades marked in green are anomaly-oriented upgrades, while those marked in red are combat-oriented upgrades. They are mutually exclusive.

Hover over icon to see upgrade description.

SCS Kevlar Armor Upgrade Icon
Kevlar body armor (1100 RU)
Additional suit armor, +2 suit weight
SCS Relief vest upgrade icon
Relief vest (350 RU)
+5 carry weight
SCS Hard leather inserts upgrade icon
Hard leather inserts (350 RU)
50% better protection from rupture, gunfire and explosions, +0.5 suit weight
SCS Tarpaulin bodysuit upgrade icon
Tarpaulin bodysuit (350 RU)
50% better protection from fire and electricity
SCS Nightvision upgrade icon
Night vision device (350 RU)
Installs a green-tint night vision device
SCS Gasmask upgrade icon
Gas mask (350 RU)
50% better protection from radiation and chemical burns
SCS Artefact slot upgrade icon
Artifact container (350 RU)
+1 artifact slot, +1 inventory weight

Call of Pripyat Edit

This suit is not available to the player in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. Instead, it has been replaced by the trenchcoat.

Some low-ranking bandit NPCs, however, still wear the suit.

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