"Man, this is some mess I'm in. There's a real street war going on here.There's an MG nest on the balcony on the building to the left, they're not holding back up there, we're totally pinned. If we can take out the machine gunner: We'll be able to keep going."
- Mercenary in Limansk referring to the exoskeleton bandit

The bandit minigunner[1] is a unique bandit who wears an exoskeleton and uses an RP-74 in Limansk. He only appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Clear SkyEdit

He is the only Bandit to use such equipment in the entire series. He appears in Limansk along with a veteran detachment of Bandits in a fierce firefight with Monolith troops. The player isn't exactly required to kill him but if he wants back-up from the rest of the Clear Sky squad in Limansk or he's hostile with the Bandits, he must be taken down.


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