The last note on the PDA conveys that the person who made it was upset: "Cardan, that old drunk. Not only is he a lazy bastard once he's had a drink - "it's better here, we need to take it easy" - but then he goes and takes a run at me and Joker, saying we're young and ain't got a clue... Heh... Joker's a piece of work, too: gets pissed off, grabs his bag and disappears. While I was trying to calm Cardan down, he left and hell if I know where he went. And what I am supposed to do? Drink with that senile moron? No thank you! His vodka is shit... Eww...And to think how promising things were at the beginning!" [1] [2]
- Barge's PDA's last entry

This PDA appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Acquiring Edit

Barge's PDA is a PDA carried by stalker Barge. It can be found on his body in Zaton in the Burnt Farmstead Anomaly (underground). This can only be given to Cardan as part of the Three Comrades side mission.

Entries Edit

Audio recording.

References Edit

  1. Taken from: <cop_dir\localization\xenglish.db\configs\text\eng\st_items_quest.xml
  2. The actual audio recording has one more line at the end: "And to think how promising things were at the beginning..."
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