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Barin is a minor character who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


A cad, bootlicker, hypocrite and coward. Barin’s motto could well be, "After us, the Deluge". Takes advantage of any situation. Extremely ambitious and touchy. He came to the Zone, unsurprisingly, for money. For two years now he's been procuring material assets by all possible means.[1]


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

He is a Veteran member of the Duty faction and can usually be found in Rostok. If any member of either Duty checkpoint in the Garbage is killed, Barin will leave Rostok to take their place. On rare occasions he appears at the Freedom home territory. Barin is armed with a unique OTs-14 Groza, the "Tunder" 5.45 assault rifle, and is equipped with a PSZ-9d Duty Suit.

Killing Barin[]

Barin is one of the few sources of the "Tunder" 5.45, making his death one of the only ways to obtain the weapon. In most instances it is not possible to directly kill Barin without causing the entire Duty faction to become hostile towards the player, which can cause complications if the player needs to travel through Rostok frequently. Despite this, there are a number of ways the player can bring about Barin's death, directly or indirectly, without attracting the ire of Duty or other nearby Stalkers:

  • Should Barin decide to leave Rostok for the Garbage he will be attacked by the blind dogs and Pseudodogs which live to the south of the area. Depending on the number of mutants in the area he may be unable to adequately defend himself, and will be killed. In this case all the player need do is observe from a distance. However, because the pack of dogs is located past the map transition point, Barin may be killed past this point as well, making it impossible for the player to reach his body and take items from his corpse.
    • Alternatively, may also venture to the Dark Valley and permanently stay at the campfire near the map transition point to Garbage, with the other Duty stalkers.
  • If Barin opts to head for the Army Warehouses he will usually make it there without being killed. However, a large pack of Pseudodogs can typically be found past the map transition point, hidden past a dip in the road and out of reach. The player can attract their attention by throwing a grenade past the dip in the road, which will lightly wound them and cause them to give chase. If the player leads them back to Barin as he makes his way towards the Army Warehouses he will engage the mutants in combat and invariably be killed. Barin also has a good chance of being killed either by anomalies, mutants, mercenaries, or Freedom members in the area.
  • If the player has a perfectly silent weapon, such as a Vintar BC, Barin can be killed from afar, provided the player does so with only one shot and is not observed. This must be done outside of Rostok; if the player kills Barin anywhere in Rostok, Duty will declare them to be an "enemy of Duty" and become universally hostile. Additionally, the game may still attribute Barin's death to the player at a later point, usually when traveling through Rostok. For this reason it is advisable to create a separate save prior to attempting to kill Barin directly.
  • If the player has patience, the regular bandit and wild dog spawns will whittle down the inhabitants of the Duty forward camp, and eventually Barin will take their place. By the time the player enters the Red Forest, bloodsuckers and mutant dog swarms will begin spawning together, and it is extremely likely that Barin will eventually die to those creatures.



  • His bio is very uncharacteristic of a Duty member, as his description is more suited to a lowly Loner or Bandit, and his reputation is Good when checked in Contacts section of the PDA.


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