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The Barkeep (also referred to as the "bar man") (Бармен/Barmen) is a major character who only appears in Shadow of Chernobyl.


A short bio, that was omitted from final version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl game describes him as follows:[1]

Neither a saint, nor a scoundrel. The Barkeep knows his worth and is respected by all stalkers. Rumor has it he is hiding in the Zone from some dark events in his past. After an encounter with the anomaly, he started limping slightly and decided to change jobs. He set up a bar by the Duty faction, and the place gradually turned into the meeting point for all the Zone's veterans. The Barkeep has numerous connections both in the Zone and in the outside world.

A bio

A very successful trader and the proprietor of the 100 Rads bar in Rostok, the Barkeep enjoys respect and influence in the Zone. During the events of Shadow of Chernobyl, he cooperates with Sidorovich in a mutual bid to open the roads to the center of the Zone. From his jobs, Barkeep appears to have the same or almost the same reputation as that of Sidorovich as he has artifact and business dealings with outside clients, including the Military. According to him, he used to own a restaurant back in Ukraine where he was constantly harassed by the mob for protection rackets in 1994. He has a personal vendetta against the same mob who previously extorted him, since they now have an operation in the Zone of selling artifacts to the outside world, and gives a mission to wipe them out in which, if accepted, the Marked One will need to travel to the Agroprom Research Institute where they reside.

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Like Sidorovich, the Barkeep is a trader, mission giver and main mission element. He can't be killed as the player can't draw weapons inside the bar. After stealing the military documents from Agroprom, the Marked One is told to head north and visit the Barkeep who will take care of the documents. From that point onward, the Barkeep is the player's contact man regarding the main quest. He provides information via radio at crucial points in the story.


Due to the central location of Rostok and the Barkeep's trade inventory being relatively high-tier, he is also a useful trader for the most part of the game.

Starting stock:

He will expand his stock after Marked One retrieves documents from the lab in Dark Valley with the following:

After turning off the Brain Scorcher in Lab X-16, he expands his stock even further:

Optional missions[]

Find artifact Goldfish[]

Reward: TRs 301, M203 grenade launcher, SUSAT scope and a silencer
Prerequisite: Complete all of the other artifact missions from Barkeep
Marked One, you know the story about the fairytale about the Goldfish? Yeah, yeah, that's the one. There are a bunch of jokes about it too. So anyway, there's this old man who keeps on wanting to catch it. Bottom line, I need the one-of-a-kind artifact called Goldfish, the client is from the outside, respectable. Will you help out?

Find the artifact Flash[]

Reward: 5000 RU
The assignment is simple and the pay is good. You have to find the artifact Flash. Don't even ask who ordered it and why. Well, will you do it?

Find the Crystal Thorn artifact[]

Reward: 2500 RU, two Scientific first aid kits and two anti-rads.
A "crone"?.. No, that's not it. "Crystal corn"?.. No, wrong again… Bugger! "Crystal Thorn", that's it! So here's the deal: I have an order for this artifact, "Crystal Thorn". Have you heard of it? They say that if you've got one, no creature will be able to mess with your brain. So what do you say?

Find the Night Star artifact[]

Reward: Berill-5M Armoured Suit and three F1 grenades
I need the Night Star artifact. I'm sorry to say it doesn't grant any wishes, been there, done that, but it can make you wealthy. Scientists pay a lot for it. They say they make some military things out of it… So, are you up for it.

Find the Meat chunk artifact[]

Reward: 2500 RU and two Scientific first aid kits
Some padres have stopped by, left an order for a Meat Chunk. You know, they have a certain interest in this healing artifact… those rotten miracle-workers! Anyway… You gonna do it? It's up to you.

Bring the hoof of a boar[]

Reward: 1500 RU
Do you know that we prepare horns and hooves? This is a big rarity. They make great jewellery from the local mutated hooves - I know a jeweller, he's interested. So go on ahead, find the boar's hoof, and there'll be cash in your pocket.

Obtain the flesh's eye[]

Reward: 500 RU and three Tourist's Delights
Soon we're having a party, there'll be a fancy dinner, and certain local gourmets who are in especially high spirits (we don't need to point fingers) will definitively want to try my special recipe - eyes of "flesh" under a pork sauce. That is, in its own juices under mayonnaise. Basically, I need the eye of that beast, and quickly.

Destroy the group of bandits at the Agroprom[]

Reward: 2500 RU and an F1 grenade
I remember how in '94 the racketeers latched on to me - cough it up, they said. Man, I went through hell then, I had a restaurant and all. Back then there was no case against them! And here I find out that the same gang's working in the Agroprom, making a profit off of the artifacts they find there. But here I can do something. I even know exactly where they're hiding. Do me a favour, punish them.

Destroy the lair of snorks in the Dark Valley[]

Reward: 2500 RU and two F1 grenades
Yeah… It seems that the ones who say that the zone is expanding are right. They spotted a few snorks in the Dark Valley, but before they never saw them there. And here some started to panic. The Dutiers promised to destroy the snorks, but they can't seem to get around to doing it. Will you take it on?

Destroy the lair of wild mutant dogs at the Wild Territory[]

Reward: 2500 RU and an F1 grenade
A few of our guys went on an expedition, came back alone. All torn up, bloody, glassy eyes. Ran into dogs, most likely. There's a whole pack of them there. So, find their lair and kill every last one of them.

Eliminate the bandits at the Garbage[]

Reward: 2000 RU, bottle of vodka and an F1 grenade
A job, eh? Let's see what we've got… Aha! Here you go: can you knock out that pack of bandits at the Garbage? The Duty, with all their speeches about law and order, just can't get down to it. Those are some rare scumbags, so they won't last long anyway. But the guy who gets them first will score big… and the booze is on me, of course.

Eliminate the Mercs and bandits in Rostok[]

Reward: 2500 RU and an F1 grenade
There's a gang of Mercs not far away, in Rostok. They hit it off with the bandits, so now they're scheming to block the passage through the plant. I don't need to tell you what a nuisance it is, it's got to be resolved straight away. The Duty guys and some of the old-timers have already gone to teach them a lessons, but we haven't heard from them in a while… So why don't you… eh… go and check on them. The money's good, too.

Help the stalkers fight off the bandits at Agroprom[]

Reward: Slug artifact
So here's the deal. Recently a group of stalkers went to Agroprom. The last time they contacted, they said that there was something valuable in the underground, but they were pressed hard by the bandits. They're holding on, but they can't clear out. Will you help them out?

Protect the stalkers camp at the Garbage from the bandits' assault[]

Reward: Gravi artifact
A group of stalkers is coming to visit me, and I am personally interested in their safe arrival. They'll stay not far from the Bar. One penitent criminal element almost voluntary informed us that they are going to be attacked soon. So, head in that direction and protect their camp from the assault.

Purge the bandits' camp at Wild Territory[]

Reward: 2500 RU and an F1 grenade
There are bandits at the Wild Territory. We can't let these dregs of society breed insanitariness right near the bar. It's essential to wipe out their camp.

Kill the soldier[]

Reward: Slug artifact
I need you to take down this grunt… don't ask me who he is, what do I care! Just do it. So? Can I entrust you with it?

Kill the stalker[]

Reward: Soul artifact
You know, there's this type of men that you could never say a bad word about… you trust him as you trust yourself, right? You bank on him… But suddenly you find out that he is the vilest and meanest son of a bitch… So here's the deal: there's this one case that needs to get sorted. Do it, and I'll take care of the rest.

Kill the stalker called Sparrow[]

Reward: Moonlight artifact
Damn musketeers! Playing D'Artagnan, arseholes! As if surfing around anomalies and bowing to bullets is not enough, the oafs have now taken to fighting duels! Get this: there was this row... no one can even remember any more what started it. So these two dumbheads decided to shed some blood. And there you go, one dropped dead… a fine stalker he was, too! And the other one, Sparrow, beetled off, because I'd be the first one to put a bullet in his head. Find him. I'm sure he's still in the Zone. Will you do it?

Kill the stalker called Vampire[]

Reward: Fireball artifact
That's it, I've had enough of this scumbag! I mean Vampire; do you know him? That bastard! Sucking luck out of people instead of blood. Whoever goes with him, they all die, all to a man, but he always comes back safe and sound! Done it five times now! That's evil, don't you think? I'd love to put some flowers on this Vampire's grave… So, do you take the job?


  • It is possible to kill the Barkeep by using mods that allow for drawing your weapons inside the bar: if you start firing at the clients, Barkeep will panic and run inside the corridor blocked by Garik. However should the player fire at and kill the Barkeep, the game simply crashes. This makes the graffiti that says, "The world will end if you shoot the barman" strangely prophetic.


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