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Batteries that use a capsulated fragment of the Flash artifact as their power source. Manufactured using hi-tech equipment.

Call of Pripyat in-game description
For the artifact also called "batteries", see Battery (artifact).

Batteries, also known as Accumulators and Gauss rounds, are a special type ammunition exclusively used by the Gauss rifle and the EM1 Rifle featured in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

General Characteristics[]

Gauss rounds have perfect performance in nearly every category - and above perfect notably in piercing and armor penetration, giving it the ability to completely ignore any kind of armor in the series. In fact, Gauss rounds perform better against heavier armor, and along with some sniper rounds is one of the only munitions in the game capable of killing multiple targets with one shot. Also they are able to kill the most dangerous mutants in few shots. They consist of encapsulated pieces of the Flash artifact, which supply the energy required to propel the electromagnetic slugs at extreme velocities.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Known as Gauss rounds, these can be only salvaged from Monolith snipers using Gauss guns within Pripyat, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the Sarcophagus and the Monolith Control Center. Up to 10 can be found by looting a sniper, and there will be usually a few loaded into the weapon. This allows one to collect as much as 100 rounds, although not all snipers in Pripyat will fall in the accessible area, and some snipers at the NPP are not accessible.

Clear Sky[]

Gauss rounds return as Accumulators, and are used by the EM1 Rifle. They are necessary at the end of the game in order to disable Strelok's psy-protection. Ten accumulator batteries can be found in the Army Warehouses as part of a side quest; they are located inside a locker near a crashed helicopter surrounded by a psi-field and six Monolith veterans (all armed with SA Avalanches), and must be returned to a mercenary or a Loner squad leader for a few thousand rubles. At the end of the game, the EM1 Rifle that is given to Scar is loaded with 100 accumulator batteries, and no spares are given.

Call of Pripyat[]

These lower-capacity cells use capsulated fragments of the Flash artifact as their power source. Their lower capacity is due to makeshift production conditions and lack of specialized equipment.

Homemade Batteries description

Call of Pripyat contains two types of Gauss rounds; the original high quality type found in Shadow of Chernobyl and lower quality batteries made by Cardan known as Homemade Batteries. These batteries still offer the same power and accuracy as the original batteries, but they hold only 6 shots each (as opposed to the normal battery's 10) but still weigh 0.50 kg, thus increasing by ~67% the total weight of those rounds. He will sell them for 2000 RU per pack (about the same price as an RPG-7's warhead, but with much greater quantity of ammo).

The original high quality batteries still appear but in limited amounts however. No more than 15 batteries can be found in the game, the locations being:

  • A total of nine batteries can be found in the Monolith stashes
  • One is loaded in the Gauss rifle when acquired from the Preacher.
  • One can be acquired if the player unloads the Gauss rifle before giving it to Cardan for repairs. When Cardan hands the weapon back, it will come with a loaded battery.
  • Two are found in the Calibration kit room in the Old Service Center in Pripyat.
  • Finally, the last two can be acquired by giving Strelok the three notes from his group's stashes. In order for him to give the batteries, the player must carry the weapon on them.



  1. Batteries sold by Cardan