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Welcome aboard our swamp icebreaker, hah!


Beard (Boroda / Борода) is a loner stalker during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


He is the bartender on the Skadovsk who also is an Artifact dealer. He is arguably the leader of the local Loners in the Zaton. He constantly finds himself in conflicts with Sultan, the Zaton Bandit leader. He isn't on very good terms with Owl, since he sides with Sultan.


Call of Pripyat[]

Beard offers various missions on aiding the Stalkers in Zaton, some of which branch out into more missions, and ultimately lead to gaining the achievement (A Friend of Stalkers) if the player completes enough of them. Most of the missions given by Beard can be countered by taking one from Sultan which puts the player on the opposite side of the mission for profit.

Along with selling the players artifacts, Beard can also give the player missions to find artifacts he needs, the player will be given a period of time to find the artifact; if the artifact is not found in time, another stalker in the Zone will find it and the player will have the option to buy it off the other stalker or trade a "high-end shooter" for it before they make it to Skadovsk and give it to Beard.

Alternatively, if the player is an avid anomaly-diver, they can gather artifacts and return to Beard to ask which artifacts he needs - he'll pay a hefty fee if the player has it immediately available, and the player won't have to worry about competition from other Experts. He will stop asking for artifacts if two of his "artifact squads" are killed in Tempting Business side mission. It is a large downside to killing loners if they find the artifact you're looking for. He will also warn you about incoming Emission when you are in Zaton.

It should be noted that Beard's Artifact Hunting missions are only for 8 rare artifacts:

Selling those artifacts as a Artifact Hunting Mission order will yield up to about 2 times more money than selling one such artifact to Beard normally even with all perks included.

If the player decides to side with Sultan and obtain the Boss achievement, Beard will no longer offer his artifact hunting missions and changes his dialogue accordingly. Instead, the player can demand a payment once per day (around 1,000). If this is not collected, especially if the player is in another area, it will accumulate.


  • Beard often makes jokes about the Skadovsk being a "swamp ice breaker" and it won't be going anywhere no matter what.
    • He will change his dialogue when approached after the player earns the Boss achievement. His dialogue will usually be harsh and insulting.
  • So far, he is the only unique stalker in the entire series to be seen using a radiation suit without the helmet.