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The player looking through the binoculars.

In all games, the pair of military grade binoculars is an item permanently bound to the player; some stalkers might also use this item and some might carry an item version of this, though it has no use. The military grade binoculars are one of the most useful tools at a player's disposal; it has zoom in and zoom out capabilities, as well as the ability of detecting and discriminating between friendly, neutral and hostile forces in green, yellow and red arrows respectively, even at night. It can be used in conjunction with NVGs. The binoculars can also detect mutants, but do not give them a colored frame. The binoculars are indeed a useful reconnaissance tool and a handy item for a one man sniper team with this item taking the role of a spotter.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

At the Cordon, it is possible to buy or trade a pair of binoculars as a special item, they can not be used and cost 199 RU.

A second pair can be obtained from one of the guys who are with Bes at the Garbage.

They're also near the Chernobyl NPP, close to the BTR-70.