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My men in the Institute will recommend your services to the head of the expedition.

Jackal's message to Black.

Black is the leader of Mercenaries protecting the Ecologists Bunker in Call of Pripyat and is a minor antagonist.


Black is part of the mercenary team under the command of Jackal, who is tasked with finding Lab X8, located in Pripyat. An inside man from the mercenary's client, working in the Ukrainian Ministry of Education arranged that Black's team was specifically meant to guard Hermann's research bunker, therefore making it easier to monitor and sabotage their operations.


Call of Pripyat[]

Black is the leader of the Mercenary team tasked with protecting the Ecologists stationed in the Yanov area. Hermann and Ozersky are wary about their supposed protector and his men, suggesting they were forced to accept them as their guards. Black himself often questions them about their current research missions, and curiously refuses to assist Poplar and his team in their few journeys away from the lab.

Eventually, after the Ecologists turn to the player for assistance in exploring Project 62 instead of the Mercenaries, the Merc team leaves, leaving the bunker completely undefended. The player later encounters Black and his men in the Jupiter Factory Admin Building - where they demand the administrative documents he has procured for the Ecologists, and immediately open fire on the player to silence him. Black often must be killed in the struggle - though the player can hop out a window after killing the first pair of Mercenaries, Black and his men will harass the player every time he investigates the area until they are killed. An alternate route is to turn right immediately after exiting the room containing the documents and sprinting away, making your way down until you can crouch-walk out through one of the gaps. While one of the lighter-armored Mercs might come up the stairs, this might be preferred if you haven't come to the Factory expecting a large-scale gunfight with multiple exoskeletons. You'll still need to eradicate them when you return as part of another quest, and his PDA is required to fully complete the Admin Building quest.

Upon death, Black's PDA can be procured and given to Hermann, who realizes that the Mercenary team was in fact dispatched to intentionally sabotage their research by keeping valuable materials out of their hands - instead giving them to another unidentified faction. After this, Hermann tasks the player with finding guards to replace Black's unit.


  • Curiously, the game's script files identify the leader of Black's outfit as "Grief". Grief is nowhere to be seen, and is not with the squad at the lab. The second exoskeleton unit is Skull. This may be to prevent any possible glitches where Black might be killed in a blowout or by a rogue mutant.
  • The others in the squad are: Duplet, Stake, Koshey, Corpse, and Surgeon.