The ultimate hand cannon - bulky, heavy and highly lethal. Developed as a specialized weapon for hunting medium-sized and large game, as well as for shooting competitions involving firing at steel body targets at distances over 50 meters. Its limited use in the Zone can be attributed to its price, size and weight, which are all double those of other pistols.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

The Black Kite[1] is a large-caliber semi-automatic handgun appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Shadow of Chernobyl

In Shadow of Chernobyl, a Black Kite can be found in Gordon Freeman's body in the Wild Territory, however it probably won't be in perfect condition. Depending on the game version, it also may be possible to buy one from Duty. The Black Kite sold by Duty presumably belonged to a mercenary named Hog, who appeared in Clear Sky.

The Black Kite has a powerful damage per bullet and uses the .45 ACP cartridge making it the most powerful sidearm of the game. This, however, is offset by its mediocre fire rate, high recoil and poor handling.

The player can also fit a silencer, although this will decrease the weapon's power slightly – then again it will still have the most power of any pistol, aside from the Big Ben.

It seems that the Black Kite is much more powerful than in other games, since the Black Kite can kill even stalkers wearing exoskeletons with one headshot – impossible in other games. Additionally, the Black Kite also possesses a unique recoil kick-back that noticeably displaces the user's view per shot in a vertical manner, making accurate, follow-up shots quite challenging to do.

Clear Sky


The Black Kite is a more exclusive and rare weapon in Clear Sky. The experts group of Bandits in Limansk mostly use a Black Kite as a sidearm. Kostyan and Hog are known to carry one of these pistols. Alternatively, one can either join the Bandits and buy it from Tooth or do enough jobs for the Bandits and wait for the job that requires the "Modified shooter", a fully modified Desert Eagle with its initial stats boosted. One other way to get it is to kill all Bandits at their base until the base door opens, and kill their leader, Yoga, or Senka, as they both carry the weapon. The Black Kite may also be found in the Garbage but this rare. The Black Kite maybe found in the hands of a dead Bandit member in the Depot, but it is rare to the side-arm in the hands of one of the Bandits in the Depot.


When fully upgraded for accuracy, the Black Kite has the hitting power rivaling an assault rifle, while its accuracy is second only to the Kora-919; making it the second-most accurate .45 ACP pistol in the game and second to none in terms of pistol firepower.

Unlike in Shadow of Chernobyl, the recoil of the gun is lesser in comparison as the kick-back has been removed and instead replaced with the generic, circular recoil pattern inherent of all pistols, although at the most noticeable case. However, the gun's handling is still compromised by rapid firing, making it very easy to lose aim of a distant target if firing in that manner.

Aydar, Thunderov and Grey are the only ones who can fully upgrade the Black Kite, though the player will need to get 2 USB flash disks containing upgrade schematics for Aydar. Limpid and Garin can also upgrade the Black Kite but cannot install the final upgrades. A silencer cannot be attached to this weapon.

Unique variants

Call of Pripyat

The Black Kite is more common than in Clear Sky but still remains rare. Known users include Pilot (although it is not obtainable), Jack and the Monolith Master. Jack will be likely the first opportunity to get the weapon, while the Monolith Master is an easy kill since it does not react to the player's presence - although he is protected by various Monolith fighters around the area. It is, otherwise, carried by random Freedom veterans and experts, Bandits (strangely including rookies) and Loners veterans. It is sold by Owl if the player assists Sultan against the stalkers and by Hawaiian if the player has obtained the A Friend of Freedom achievement.

Nimble sells an unique variant of the pistol named Steppe Eagle.

Black Kite Stash Locations

  • Yanov – Atop the northwestern plateau behind Kopachi village near the Ash Heap anomaly beneath a tree (includes one SVUmk2, 20 sniper rounds, 50 .45 ACP rounds, medical supplies).
  • Zaton – Near the Stingray 2 crash site. Inside the drawer of a desk located in the building where the door for the Product 62 Testing Area is. Also has few boxes of .45 ACP rounds, vodka, bandages.
  • Pripyat - Inside a wrecked car (AZLK-2140), between the River port and Vine anomaly. Also contains two boxes of .45 ACP rounds, an Antidote and one F1 grenade.


  • According to the weapon's weight, the Black Kite appears to be based on the Desert Eagle Mark VII chambered to fire the .357 Magnum cartridge. However, most likely to avoid programming a unique ammunition type for a single weapon, it was coded to use .45 ACP rounds.
    • One can also assume it would be almost impossible to find the correct cartridges for the Black Kite in the Zone thus anyone with the right senses could convert a pistol to fire rounds that are more common.
  • A silenced Black Kite can be seen behind Nimble in Call of Pripyat. However, it is not obtainable and none of the Black Kites in the game can accept a silencer.
  • "Black Kite" and "Steppe wikipedia:Eagle" are the real non-scientific names for two actual raptor (bird of prey) species. Somewhat ironically, the weapon's actual name, "Desert Eagle," however, does not refer to an actual raptor species.


Shadow of Chernobyl

Call of Pripyat


  1. Name varies with translations. It is known as Black Eagle in the French translation.
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