Several generations of the dog species have lived and died since the catastrophe. Each was more affected by the Zone than the previous one. Rapid mutation lead to a vast improvement in previously peripheral abilities, frequently at the expense of primary ones. The most notable biological change was the loss of sight, paired with an uncanny development of smell. As it turned out, blind cubs survived in the Zone as well as normal ones, if not better. As a result, the common dog quickly became extinct in the Zone, giving way to a new breed - that of blind dogs. The animals instinctively identify and avoid anomalies, radiation, and other invisible dangers that plague the Zone. Like their wild ancestors - the wolves - blind dogs hunt in packs. An encounter with a large group of these animals can be dangerous even to an experienced and well-armed stalker.
Blind dog

A pack of blind dogs.

General characteristics

As the name implies, these dogs have lost their eyesight, possibly due to some form of warped, mutation-induced evolution. Rather than rely on eyes, Blind dogs have extremely keen senses of hearing and smell and can hunt, fight and navigate through pockets of radiation and fields of anomalies without much problem.

Blind dogs move in packs and will usually attack prey (Stalkers or other small mutants) that are alone. Though widely regarded as one of the least dangerous mutants in the Zone, a pack of Blind dogs can be a threat to a lone Stalker. They use their sharp teeth to wound and incapacitate victims.


Shadow of Chernobyl

Blind dogs can be found in almost any area of the Zone but they tend to be most dominant in the Great Swamp, Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom Research Institute, Dark Valley, Wild Territory, Army Warehouses and Pripyat. In Shadow of Chernobyl, a fairly large pack of dogs have made a nest just outside Rostok.

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