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Boar is a type of common mutant found in the Zone featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. While less touched by mutation physically, as compared to other mutants, the Boars of the Zone have developed serious taste for human flesh, and far-superior intelligence.


Origin and Physiology

A large animal which can reach 1.5 meters at the shoulder. The boar's ability to survive and aggression surpassess all of its relatives living outside the area, and resembles that of most mutants.

Mutagenic processes engineered by radiation and anomalies have played a significant part in shaping these mammals: they have lost all fur in a few places and grown long, bristly fur in others. The animal's hooves have changed in shape and become sharper, acquiring a resemblance to claws. Also, their pupils have become colorless, while both pigmentation disorders and deep wrinkles have appeared on their bald heads. They have also grown an extra pair of tusks which are easily recognized.

Behavior and biotope

Zone boars resist radiation well, which allows them to spend long periods in heavily contaminated areas. Boars are very territorial, and a small group will defend their territory to the death, but if killed, the last survivor will usually run away. Some boars are solitary, and roam areas alone looking for food. Boars in family groups are usually selfish feeders, and can be seen dragging a corpse into nearby bushes to feed alone. They are also cannibalistic, and have been observed feeding on the corpses of their own kind. They normally attack by charging at their victims, and attempting to rip them to shreds with their claws or knock them over. They are especially dangerous when they attack as a group, and surround their victim. The boar is indeed one of the most dangerous of the original domesticated animals of the Zone.


Boars are basically Fleshes on steroids. They're much tougher, faster, and stronger as well. They have a vicious charge attack that they favor, which is hard to dodge, and shooting them in the head does not seem to cause additional damage, due to their extremely thick skulls. On the plus side, they're less numerous than Fleshes and usually appear in groups of two-five, possibly with some Flesh escort. They're also a big and relatively slow target, and fighting them is quite straightforward when they are alone because of their simple AI. When a group of boars attack at close quarters, they can be lethal as the victim will be killed by the boars from behind, as the victim is dealing with the boars in front. Hit and run tactics should be used when faced with a group of boars.


Shadow of Chernobyl

A common animal found mainly in outside areas such as Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom Research Institute, Dark Valley, and Army Warehouses.

Related missions:

Clear Sky

Much like in SoC, Boars appear everywhere, except underground and Monolith-controlled areas.

Call of Pripyat

Boars are randomly spawning along Fleshes in Zaton and Yanov. A lot of them will attack you during your mission to protect Poplar when he is talking measurements at Plavni Anomaly, and when you investigate Stingray 1.

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  • Their appearance is a reference to the real life problem of boars attacking humans around the zone of alienation due to the lack of human presence. The military stationed there are even forced to shoot them.