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"Boss" icon.

You helped Sultan outmaneuver the stalkers and take Beard's business under your control. You are now feared and respected at Zaton.

Boss is an achievement in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Earning the Achievement[]

This achievement is earned for ensuring Sultan takes control of the Skadovsk and Zaton. To earn the achievement, the following quests need to be finished:


  • Bandits nearly everywhere are friendly. However, the Artifact Hunter may cause Bandits to become hostile on occasions.
  • Owl gives the player a discount on his goods.
  • Beard buys artifacts at a high price and can be asked for money every day (random amount between 1000 and 2000RU).


  • Loners everywhere may randomly become hostile to the player. This can be countered by completing the Diplomat achievement, which increases one's reputation with the Loners.
  • Relationship with Duty suffers. This can be countered by earning the A Friend of Duty achievement.
  • Beard's artifacts order also become unavailable, reducing the potential earnings one can get for rare artifacts.