"Boss" icon.

You helped Sultan outmaneuver the stalkers and take Beard's business under your control. You are now feared and respected at Zaton.

Boss is an achievement in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Earning the AchievementEdit

This achievement is earned for ensuring Sultan takes control of the Skadovsk and Zaton. To earn the achievement, the following quests need to be finished:


  • Bandits nearly everywhere are friendly. However, the Artifact Hunter may cause Bandits to become hostile on occasions.
  • Owl gives the player a discount on his goods.
  • Beard buys artifacts at a high price and can be asked for money every day (random amount between 1000 and 2000RU).


  • Loners everywhere may randomly become hostile to the player. This can be countered by completing the Diplomat achievement, which increases one's reputation with the Loners.
  • Relationship with Duty suffers. This can be countered by earning the A Friend of Duty achievement.
  • Beard's artifacts order also become unavailable, reducing the potential earnings one can get for rare artifacts.
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