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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Build 1935 — Overview

Build 1935 was one of the later S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl builds. It was released by GSC Game World due to demand, and is one of the most complete builds.

Features[edit | edit source]

Build 1935 has almost all levels from release (it is only excluding Pripyat), plus four levels that were cut, including the Clear Sky Swamps, Dead City, Generators, and what is known today as X8, only titled War Lab and housed in Generators.

It has the main arsenal from the final game, though all guns have different stats and textures. Cut weapons exist in the game, including the TOZ-34 and a mounted PKM. Mutants cut from the original release also make an appearance, such as the Burer and Chimera. Most mutants have different properties.

There is no menu, nor an options menu. However, it's options can be edited in the user.ltx file to screen resolution and other game-related settings. It comes with a nicely finished Static Lighting renderer.

Levels[edit | edit source]

All in all, there are 18 levels:

  1. Escape (Cordon - much larger and has many new areas, but overall it has the same concept as the final version. One long road runs through the whole map, the broken bridge and factory still exist but are different. Contains an entrance to the Garbage.)
  2. Garbage (Much larger than the final version. Some areas are the same, though the entrances to Agroprom were moved slightly, and an underground section beneath what is now Seriy's hanger existed; it features a large, flea-mart like area and many tunnels. Still contains an entrance to the Dark Valley and Rostok, as well as Yantar).
  3. Agroprom (Almost the same as release, although Agroprom Underground is now all part of the above level too, and the blocked staircase is what used to be the entrance)
  4. Dark Dolina (Dark Valley - Much, much larger, it is very active, normally containing Burers and Chimeras, along with many Bloodsuckers and stalkers. The Bandit base remains nearly the same but the factory on top of Lab X-18 is much different. Only has one entrance which is from the Garbage.)
  5. Dark Lab (Lab X-18 - it is quite similar to the final version's but has a few more hallways and corridors)
  6. The Bar/Rostok (Now one large level, nearly identical to the final release including the entrance to the Garbage and Yantar.)
  7. Yantar (A huge area, completely different from the final version. Contains radiation spots that can kill you in a few seconds, and stalkers are few and far between. Lab X-16 is also one whole underground area that is also completely different from the final version, and is no longer a different level. It is now a series of tunnels, almost like a maze, and there are no less than three entrances. Contains entrances to Rostok, Garbage and Dead City.)
  8. Military (Army Warehouses - a very large area, it is, again, almost identical to the release's albeit slightly larger in size. Contains an entrance to the Red Forest and to the Dead City.)
  9. Dead City (A large, mainly zombie infested area, with many explorable buildings and a few stalkers. It can be entered through Yantar and Military, and was going to have an entrance to Pripyat as you can see on the map, but Pripyat was not included in this build.)
  10. Swamp (The Swamps - a large, empty area: it includes several areas from Clear Sky, and the broken bridge to the west is now explorable. Can be entered from Dead City and Yantar.)
  11. Radar (Red Forest - piles of trash like the Garbage are where the forest now is, and it has an overall darker atmosphere. Very similar to the final release but now features two underground sections - X-10 (Later renamed X-19) is in a different location and the antennae are located near another underground level which is what is now known as the Monolith Control Center. It is also much smaller in size than the final version.)
  12. Radar Bunker (This is Lab X-10, the Brain Scorcher. It is similar to the final version but has more rooms and corridors, and it is entered through a different area.)
  13. Secret Lab (This is the Monolith Control Center. It contains a few stalkers but is actually located in Radar (Red Forest), near the antennae.)
  14. Stancia (Chernobyl NPP Exterior - the largest area of Build 1935, it is the exterior of the NPP; entirely explorable. Features hundreds of mutants and zombies, as well as the only entrance to Generators.)
  15. Sarcofag (Sarcophagus - the inside of the NPP, not much has changed since the final version; however, the Wish Granter is not present.)
  16. War Lab (Lab X8 - an empty level, as far as AI goes, it is the same level as X8 in Call of Pripyat; featuring every part as well as a new room.)
  17. Generators (A fairly large area, cut from all games, it has sphere-shaped generators, and what almost look like comet-impact spots. These are responsible for the Blowouts. It features a few stalkers, several mutants including Pseudogiants and the entrance to War Lab.)

Level Trivia[edit | edit source]

Garbage[edit | edit source]

There are two entrances to Agroprom: one behind a huge Garbage heap, and one more north than the other.

The hanger, where Seriy is in the final version, has a large series of tunnels which contain a Bloodsucker. At the end of the tunnels is an entrance to a small garage-type area behind the hanger, with two stalkers and one dead. The other two are positioned against the normal entrance to the garage, almost set up as an ambush.

It also has the entrance to Dark Dolina and Rostok - both of which are in the same spot as in the final version. However the river leads to Yantar.

Agroprom[edit | edit source]

The now highly irradiated gate to eastern Agroprom, where there are many anomalies, was the entrance (behind the garbage hill) from Garbage.

The largest difference between 1935's version and release's is that Agroprom Underground is all part of the level, with the collapsed staircase to the south of where Mole's group is, was the entrance to the underground.

Dark Dolina (aka Dark Valley)[edit | edit source]

Though Dark Lab (aka X-18) is in Dark Dolina, it is very well hidden; this is partly due to there being two very large bases (though both are vacant, not counting mutants). The rest of Dark Dolina is pure country, with one or two farmsteads and the gas station is still present. It is much larger than the final version.

Bar-Rostok[edit | edit source]

Similar to the final version except the Wild Territory is now merged with the Bar. Both areas are much more dangerous. There are many, many Controllers, along with a few Burers and Pseudogiants. The Barkeep is also there, albeit a normal stalker (as in dressed - but also doesn't sell much different than normal stalkers). The 100 Rads is a semi-safe haven for those trying to escape any chaos of mutants outside.

Yantar[edit | edit source]

Yantar is one of the most unrecognizable levels, as it was completely redone.

It is sprawling; all around is a dried up lake bed, with many radiation pockets - some where the radiation is so much as to kill you in a few seconds - and a few anomalies. It appears a lake was actually present, rather than a small pond as seen in the final version, despite its name "Lake Yantar". The factory complex is now at the center and is much smaller. There are two villages - one of them resembles the Bloodsucker village in the Army Warehouses, and it even has hordes of Bloodsuckers.

X-16, similar to Agroprom Underground, is now part of the whole level. It features the "brain" that is in the final version's. Also, instead of a dome-shaped lab, it is in a small, cube-like room. There are three known entrances to X16 - two elevator shafts in different buildings lead there, and there is a hole in the ground near the scientists' bunker that leads into X16. X16 has a train station and many tunnels, almost like a maze.

There are a few neutral stalkers, many Pseudodogs and quite a few Chimeras. It should also be noted an entrance to Dead City is in Yantar.

Dead City[edit | edit source]

Some have said that Limansk is a resurrection of it, though, apparently, GSC confirmed it is NOT.

A large area. It features buildings similar to Pripyat, while the layout seems to be a mix of Limansk and Pripyat. There are many large and explorable buildings, and a large statue of Lenin in the middle.

There are a few stalkers, along with many mutants, such as Blind Dogs, Pseudodogs, Flesh, Bloodsuckers and many Zombies.

The entrance to Dead City is in Yantar and Military, as said in the section above.

Another thing to note is that, in the finalized game, you can actually find the loading screen's icon and many other resources for it. There is a road that leads directly to Pripyat (instead of the one in Red Forest like in the final game), but Pripyat is not an accessible level in Build 1935.

Military[edit | edit source]

Almost identical to the final version's, it seems almost unchanged.

It has the Bloodsucker Village, the Army/Freedom Base, and other locations. If using without the fan made patches and directions, the game will give an error about shaders when attempting to enter Military. Its easily fixable.

Radar (aka Red Forest)[edit | edit source]

Radar, which is the early Red Forest, is similar in layout to the release's. The main differences are that it's entrance is much closer to the Brain Scorcher, close to the turn to the left where it leads up to the facility. So it is much smaller than the final version.

The other difference is that it isn't really set in Red Forest this time. It is a much darker, near treeless area, while the center, where the largest area of the forest was, is garbage heaps. Overall, it is much grayer.

There are also two underground sections - the Brain Scorcher is still here, but not near the antennae. Instead it is located to the Northeast. There is another underground section near the antennae - it can be accessed through a house so it is well hidden. This is surprisingly the Monolith Control Center.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant[edit | edit source]

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is nearly identical to how it is in the final game. The only differences are that it is one huge level, the largest ever seen in the series. It is not split into two levels like it is in the final game. The bridge to the East leads to a road which leads to Generators, and the entrance to the Sarcophagus is on the opposite side of the power plant. There are many, many mutants such as Boar, Blind dogs and Pseudogiants.

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