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This revolver-type grenade launcher uses six rifled front-loading barrels, identical to underbarrel launcher attachments. The drum is also front-loading. Widely used for rapid suppression of enemy firing position and, when in the open, attacking defended fixed targets or fighting particularly tough monsters.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

The Bulldog 6 is a six-shot 40 mm portable grenade launcher appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The Bulldog 6 is the only stand-alone grenade launcher featured in the entire S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and it's a rare weapon in all cases. The weapon is invaluable for short-medium range rapid bombardment and flushing out troop concentrations. The Bulldog can also eliminate groups of enemies at the appropriate distance within just a few shots.

Its major drawback is that it has by far the slowest reloading time out of any weapon, especially when expending out all six grenades. Getting caught in a fight with other stalkers and/or mutants (such as the Chimera) while reloading this weapon can get the player killed quickly. One will need to practice how to use the weapon effectively at all ranges as its ability to rapidly launch 6 grenades is an invaluable asset. Having a loaded backup weapon (possibly another Bulldog!) to switch to could be a viable tactic.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]


The Bulldog 6 fires common VOG25 grenades, and benefits from good firepower, making it effective against mutants and groups of enemies. As well, the 6-grenade capacity is an advantage compared to the single-shot underbarrel grenade launchers. On the other hand, the reload time is, as mentioned above, a large penalty, making the weapon semi-effective overall.

Acquiring the weapon[]

  • A Bulldog 6 can be found inside the Freedom armoury, but acquiring it through any means will likely ruin the player's relationship with Freedom, unless they have already obliterated them with the help of Skull's group (it is possible to kill the armory guard with the secondary attack with the knife unnoticed, although this might take a few tries to succeed). Other ways to get this weapon from Freedom armory:
    • Method 1: Killing the armory guard. There are several ways to do this without damaging reputation with Freedom. This includes shooting him through a window from a distance with a silenced rifle, stabbing him with the knife (although this will usually damage reputation with Freedom), or rolling two explosive barrels next to him and shooting it, causing it to explode and kill him. The last method makes it impossible to hurt reputation with Freedom unless the player shoots the guard by accident. Sometimes one explosive barrel won't kill him, depending on the difficulty. Note also that rolling a barrel into the HQ can be troublesome because of the steps at the entrance.
    • Method 2: Move some of the stools over to the guard, hop onto them, and jump over the guards shoulders into the hallway, there is a chair on the other side, in the room to the right, that can be used to return to the lobby with.
    • Method 3: Take Skull's Kill the tower sniper mission and kill the said sniper unnoticed. The player should choose a place so that they can see the top of the sniper's head without him seeing the player. The best place is right beside the abandoned house of the farmstead. After killing that sniper without being seen and confirming the kill with Skull, the player should run as fast as they can to Lukash (dropping off excess weight and using endurance-enhancing artifacts is recommended), tell him about Duty members at the nearby farmstead and accept mission to take down all the Duty members. When Duty members start raiding the Freedom HQ, the Freedom's armory guard will leave his position and one can go there and take the Bulldog.
    • Method 4: Push a crate from the gunsmith room into the armory guard, he will move away and you can easily jump and pass him. To acquire the crate, save and load your game and the other Freedom member in the gunsmith room will move, giving you enough time to push the crate out of the room.
  • Another can be found inside the cellar of the center-most house in the Bloodsucker Village, which is also in the Army Warehouses area. Next to it are some Medkits and VOG-25 Grenades, as well as a skeleton.
    • Care should be taken if the player attempts acquisition of the weapon from the second location early in the game. Running in past the bloodsuckers is quite easy, as is grabbing the spoils and making off, but if for any reason a reload becomes necessary the Bulldog 6 will no longer appear on the board (it becomes 'lost') (before continue reading this following issue, like in most cases, the game has an unusual process to make dead NPC and their weapons to become invisible only and not lost forever from the game, however, walking around the area by continue pressing the Use button where it supposed to be lost can cause the sound of dropped weapon since the player has stepped over the invisible/lost Bulldog 6, thus there's no need to reload any previous save as it will appear in the inventory shortly once it was found) and a reload from the beginning of the Warehouse level will be necessary. The other spoils (medkits and VOG-25 Grenades) will still be present, but the player will need to resolve the Obtain an Bulldog 6 from Freedom mission parts before the Bulldog 6 becomes visible again.

One of these Bulldogs can be given to General Voronin to finish his Obtain an Bulldog 6 from Freedom mission. In return, Voronin will reward the player with a PSZ-9Md Universal Protection suit.

Unique variants[]

  • Bulldog 6 m209 - A variant firing M209 grenades instead of VOG-25 grenades. Cut from the game but still implemented in the game files.

Clear Sky[]

The Bulldog returns in Clear Sky, still as a rare find. It has the same overall stats as its previous counterpart, and is very effective against groups of enemies as well as powerful mutants such as pseudogiants.

Acquiring the weapon[]

  • The first Bulldog 6 the player can get in Clear Sky is through finishing the bandit campaign and eliminating the stalkers at their base. The player is also awarded a rare GP 37 assault rifle, Medkits, Bandages and a fair amount of cash.
  • The second place to acquire on is in the underground level of the Renegade-held mine near Forester's home. The Bulldog 6 should be lying under a wall cabinet. (The player might need to fetch the Bulldog as soon as he gets to the underground floor, since it could vanish after he killed the poltergeists around due to some glitch possibly come from nearby anomalies.) For tips in obtaining the Red Forest RG-6, refer to this page.
  • Two Bulldog 6 grenade launchers can also be found in Limansk, one inside the bandits machine gun nest, along with another near the exit to the Limansk Hospital in the northern area, near a Monolith checkpoint. At this point in the game the Bulldog 6 may be extremely useful, due to the amount of Monolith troops.

Call of Pripyat[]

The Bulldog 6 returns in Call of Pripyat, identical to the Clear Sky rendition.

Acquiring the weapon[]


There is an exploit with this Grenade Launcher, seen here, which involves unloading a fully loaded Bulldog 6 and it still launches grenades. This can be repeated endlessly by reloading it, and then unloading it again.