The Revolverniy Granatomyot modeli 6 (Revolver Grenadelauncher model 6, 'Bulldog 6' in-game) is a six-shot 40 mm portable grenade launcher, developed by Russia's KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, the weapon uses VOG-25 fragmentation grenades. The Bulldog six is the only stand-alone grenade launcher featured in the entire STALKER series and it's a rare weapon in all cases. The weapon is invaluable for short-medium range rapid bombardment and flushing out troop concentrations. One will need to practice how to use the weapon effectively as all ranges as it's ability to rapidly launch 6 grenades is an invaluable asset.

Acquiring a Bulldog

Clear Sky

The first Bulldog 6 you can get in Clear Sky is located in the underground level of the Renegade-held mine near Forester's home. The Bulldog 6 should be lying under a wall cabinet (you might need to fetch the Bulldog as soon as you get to the underground floor, since it could vanish after you killed the poltergeists around due to some glitch possibly come from nearby anomalies.)
Two Bulldog 6 grenade launchers can also be found in Limansk, one inside the Bandit machine gun nest, along with another near the exit to the Limansk Hospital in the northern area, near a Monolith checkpoint. At this point in the game the Bulldog 6 may be extremely useful, due to the amount of Monolith troops.

For tips in obtaining the Red Forest RG-6, refer to this page.

Shadow of Chernobyl


A Bulldog 6 can be found inside the Freedom armory, but acquiring it through any means will likely ruin your relationship with Freedom, unless you've already obliterated them with the help of Duty. Another can be found inside a house in the Bloodsucker Village, which is also in the Army Warehouses area.

One of these Bulldogs can be given to General Voronin to finish a Duty quest. In return, Voronin will reward the player with a PSZ-9Md Universal Protection suit.

A special M 209 grenade launcher the RG-6 m209 can be found rarely in a Pripyat stash.

Call of Pripyat


RG-6s can only be purchased from Owl or Hawaiian after acquiring the "Svarog" Detector and handing the Compass to either Beard or Sultan. Hawaiian will only sell it if the player completely assists Duty. After this, they'll almost always have the RG-6 in stock, along with the ammunition required for it.

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