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Talk you son of a bitch! Or watch my bullet blow your brains out!

Bullet, to a wounded Bandit

Bullet was a member of Duty in the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

The Marked One first encounters Bullet when entering the Dark Valley from the Garbage. He is found interrogating a wounded Bandit. Upon finishing up his interrogation, Bullet will ask the player for help in rescuing another Duty member from the Bandits. Upon rescuing his partner, Bullet will give the player a PSO-1 Scope and 1500 rubles. He will still reward the player with the same if his partner dies, saying that it's for helping him. After his partner is rescued, Bullet will return to the outpost located at the entrance of the Rostok factory entrance in the Garbage, although there is a slight chance he will die from anomalies in the path.

Captured Duty members[]

Bullet first gives you the task to help him rescue a captured Duty member being taken to the abandoned factory. This is best accomplished with a surprise ambush. The second task is to rescue Serega, who is being held in a prison cell inside the main Bandit base.

There is a third Duty member that is held as a prisoner by Bandits, in the center of the main Bandit base. It is very difficult to save him, as the player only has a small window before he is executed.

  • Bandit 1 - Come on... Borov told us we should take this jackass down to the Dark Valley Warehouse down the road...
  • Bandit 2 - Yes this asshole has driving me nuts, I just want to kill him!...
  • Bandit 1 - shhhuu shhhh did you hear that?...Oh man I'm not going down to that warehouse because of this asshole!
  • Bandit 2 - Alright I've got a great solution then, get into the pit asshole. (Hold's Duty prisoner at gunpoint)
  • Duty Prisoner - Never! You bastards won't get away with this! I'm not going to die like a dog!
  • Bandit 2 - Alright, as you wish! (Shoots Duty prisoner as his corpse falls into the pit.)