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Burnt Fuzz is a type of anomaly and one of the Zone's examples of mutated vegetation that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, and Call of Pripyat.


This anomaly is usually found outdoors. It resembles moss or vines, hanging down like curtains from its growing spot. Reacts to rapidly approaching living beings by discharging a cloud of projectiles severely injuring uncovered or lightly protected skin upon contact. Does not react to slowly moving targets. Burnt Fuzz is generally considered the least dangerous anomaly in the Zone since it can be easily spotted and avoided. Even so, players rarely seem to take damage when coming into contact with the anomaly. Touching a Burnt Fuzz curtain seems to elicit a reaction from the anomaly, but only players with little or no armor have reported being hurt by it. Burnt Fuzz is the only anomaly that does not react to metal bolts.

The first example in the Zone of anomalous or mutated plant life, its organic origins may be the key to understanding why it isn't affected by things like other anomalies, or doesn't normally respond to situations like other anomalies do.

Locations and artifacts[]

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

The Burnt Fuzz appears hanging off of structures throughout the Zone. Walking into one will generate a hissing sound and, if the player is not wearing any type of protection, causes minor damage. There is a Burnt Fuzz hanging off the crane near the entrance to Lab X-18 and some more hanging off of structures around Lab X-16.


Forms three types of artifacts (possibly its seeds):

Clear Sky[]

Burnt Fuzz is a relatively rare anomaly. It's not very damaging, and mainly serves as a distraction to the player unless they jump into it; however, due to the awkward locations in which it appears, avoiding Burnt Fuzz entirely is easier said than done. They can be found near the Space anomaly in the Cordon, but they are very specially common within the Red Forest. Nearly every single tree will have one hanging off it. They can also be found in several places within the Army Warehouses, and in the Agroprom underground, within the first section.

Call of Pripyat[]

Pilot doesn't mention Burnt Fuzz when telling the player about anomalies, and the artifacts it produces are again absent. Burnt Fuzz anomalies are now much more dangerous. Unlike previous games, the Burnt Fuzz anomalies will deal damage to the player even while jogging; it is now necessary to walk slowly (hold the low crouch button while standing) or crouch under them. This anomaly also inflicts far more damage than in previous games; a single contact can remove 1/4 of the player's health, even when using top-tier armor. It is also one of the only anomalies that the Svarog detector will not detect.