The Burnt farmstead is one major location in the Great Swamp in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Burnt farmstead is located near the center of the Great Swamp and is initially a Renegade base. One of the first tasks is to help Clear Sky take this location. As the name implies, every building is burned except the tower.


The farm house is only recognizable by the fire place (which holds the Small box inside stove stash), and lies on the south side of the area. Directly across the yard to the north is a watchtower with a metal box of supplies on top and a storage trunk at the base. Once Clear Sky takes over, the squad leader stands near the tower and may give you an optional mission. To the northwest of the tower is what's left of a building that still holds some treasures. The third build, which sits on the west side, is occupied by a Burner anomaly and radiation.


At the start, the farmstead belongs to the Renegades. Clear Sky attacks the base and it remains in their control as long as no mutant wipes the occupants out.


Clear SkyEdit

The Burnt farmstead is one objective of the faction wars in the Swamps.


There's an artifact in the cement block building on the west side of the area, which is protected by a Burner anomaly and radiation.


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