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Once used as standard by Clear Sky assault squads, after the factions elimination this armor serves as a reminder that even an excellent protective bodysuit cannot guarantee you safety this side of the perimeter. The armor is capable of stopping a pistol bullet, while the wearer is also well protected from anomalies. Comes with a built-in artifact container.

In-game description

The CS-3a Battle Armour is a protective suit available only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat as a special, unique armor.


The CS-3a consists of a tactical vest (with medium grade military kevlar) with carrying pouches, carried over a sky blue/white camouflage shirt and dark pants with metal kneepads and hiking boots. Heavier, kevlar-padded panels are added to the arms and legs to increase the protective performance.


Call of Pripyat[]

The suit can only be obtained from Nimble when asking for a body armor at a hefty price of 40000 RU (but it does come with a tactical helmet). Novikov, the scientists' technician and a former Clear Sky member, recognizes it immediately as his own handiwork.

The CS-3a suit is a balanced suit, sitting a bit under the PSZ-9d Duty Armor and Guardian of Freedom suit both in protection and upgrades. Uniquely for a suit with no integrated helmet, it has a psy-resistance upgrade.


The CS-3a has four upgrade paths. It combines traditional(anomaly and damage) with "utility"(health, stamina and bleeding regeneration) upgrades. The artifact count can be increased to 4 (2 without the Calibration Kit) and the weight can be cut almost by half, but it has no carry weight upgrade and the bulletproof protection cannot be increased without a Callibration Kit.

SCOP CS3a Upgrade Layout.png

Interestingly, the unique Tier 3 Psy Protection upgrade is four times as effective as similiar upgrade on the SEVA or Curtain helmet, making it very easy to max out the protection bar in the player's inventory. It might be an oversight, as the value is the same as the one on the Gas mask.


  • The suit, despite being designated as '3' like the CS-3a, uses a slightly modified version without the helmet of the CS-1 world model and a CS-2 body armour model for the upgrade window. No helmet is visible on the player, but the Steel helmet is the same one featured on the CS-1 body armour, however it lacks the respirator.
  • It is odd that Novikov describes this suit (among other things) as light even though it weighs 11 kg and only the Exoskeleton, Bulat suit and the PSZ-9d Duty Armor are heavier than the CS-3a suit.