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The Captive Dutyer is a character who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The Captive Dutyer is a placeholder title for the variably named Duty captive being escorted by two Bandits to the abandoned factory (warehouse) above Lab X-18 in the Dark Valley for execution.

He is the central objective in the Free the Dutyer mission given by Bullet when the player meets him, shortly after entering the Dark Valley for the first time.

If the bandits escorting him to the warehouse succeed in taking him there, they will become hostile to the dutyer and fire upon him, then they will stroll into the facility with the rest of the bandits and remain there.


There are two other Duty hostages in the area:

  • The one that is most easily freed is Shaggy Sergei, referred to by the Captive Dutyer as Serega. The mission Free the Dutyer from prison is obtained from the Captive Dutyer after he is rescued.
  • The second prisoner (which has a variable name) is held by two other Bandits near the motor pool and pit in their base (as mentioned in Bullet's commentary. Although freeing this second hostage is difficult, it can be accomplished by attacking the base via the front entrance or from the vehicle shed (it can be accessed from the back if the player enters through the pipes), distracting and dispatching the bandits closest to him so that he can sprint away. Sadly, the player gains little in the process. If he dies, then there is a chance that his PDA will provide coordinates to stashes inside Lab X-18.
  • If the Captive Dutyer ends up executed in the factory, useful stash info doesn't seem to be forthcoming.