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A Western smoothbore shotgun that is extremely popular around the world thanks to its amazing reliability and faster reloading speed. Particularly valued for its functionality by the Zone's hunters. All of its parts are coated with an anticorrosion compound.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

The Chaser 13 is a shotgun that appears in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Professor Sakharov will sell them after the Marked One accompanies Professor Kruglov in taking the measurements for the Psi-Helmet. Pavlik, Chef, Snitch, and Lukash's expert bodyguards are the only stalkers armed with Chaser 13 shotguns, making it exclusive to the Freedom Faction. It is also wielded by Pavlik and a few Monolithians sport it in the Pripyat headquarters.

The tube magazine holds up to 5 rounds, with one round chambered (5+1 configuration). It weighs 3.0 kg unloaded. It's very useful to deal with most mutants (aside from the Pseudogiant) and lightly armored hostiles.

One unique variant of this weapon called Combat Chaser exists.

Clear Sky[]

In Clear Sky, the Chaser 13 is widespread and commonly employed by experienced members of most factions. It can also be found on several Zombified Stalkers in Yantar, and in a stash in the Great Swamp near the pump station, the coordinates of which can be bought from either Cold or Nimble for 1500 RU. It can be upgraded by most technicians, although it has very low stopping power compared to the other games. Its barrel can be threaded to allow better accuracy with slug and dart rounds at the expense of the ability to fire shotshells. It's a very reliable weapon, extremely effective at close and usable up until medium range, and can be used in a pinch against heavily armored targets when loaded with slug or dart rounds. The weapon can be upgraded to hold up to 8 shells.

The Chaser 13 is a very valuable weapon at the start of the game, given the lack of automatic weapons and the abundance of shotgun ammo. Even later on, it still remains a good tool to dispatch dogs and other such small mutants.


It can be found in the following stashes:

Call of Pripyat[]

Upgrade view

This weapon can be acquired in the beginning of the game. Many Loners, Bandits and Freedom members carry it, and it can be purchased from Owl. It now has a 7 round capacity (9 after upgrade), and can be upgraded to semi-automatic. However a SPSA-14 can also be found in the beginning of the game, which is definitely a superior shotgun, sporting a semi-automatic firing mode by default and better stats.

However, it still has some advantages over the SPSA – weighing lighter, but still packing almost as much punch – along with its tighter grouping of shots, a more methodical shotgun user might be able to get more out of its 50 damage per shell than they would with the more rapid-fire SPAS.

Trapper, a mutant hunter, can also give the player his custom Chaser 13, the Predator, after completing his list of mutant hunting related jobs.

Multi-chambering technique[]

Combat shotguns like the Chaser 13 and SPSA-14 can chamber different types of shells simultaneously. For example, a Chaser 13 can be loaded with 4 shot shells, 2 slug rounds and 2 dart rounds. This is done by pressing the fire key during reloading to stop the reload. Once satisfied with initial load, pressing the "Change ammo type" key ("Y" key by default) will have the player reload with a different kind of shell. This method allows the player to adapt to different situations quickly, as one can rapidly switch from unarmored target hunting to armor puncher in a moment's notice. Since you can't choose which shells to use after loading, it is best if you load 1 slug, 1 shot, 1 slug, and so on, for flexibility's sake.


A close-up of the Chaser 13's receiver. The words "Model 88" can be seen printed on it.

  • The Chaser 13 is commonly mistaken for the Winchester 1300, although on the receiver of the Chaser 13 it has the words "Mossberg model 88" printed on it. This is commonly visible if the game's: texture, object, and anti-alias levels are set near half the bar.
    • It should also be noted that in the game files, its scripts refer to it as the wpn_wincheaster1300. It is odd that the developers chose to use the Mossberg 88 as a mirror while using the Winchester 1300 as a script name.
  • In Shadow of Chernobyl, the Chaser 13's viewmodel is aimed slightly above the crosshair.
  • The Chaser 13's model graphic changed in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. The Chaser 13's receiver is now painted dull black, while during Shadow of Chernobyl, the weapon's receiver was painted light green.
  • This shotgun is described as having "all its details coated with a weather-resistant finish" which, as per standard on a Maverick 88 Cruiser/Persuader, would be a Parkerized finish (which actually has a matte gray look).


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Call of Pripyat[]