It's weird that Chepurny disappeared without a trace. Maybe he found a way out?
- General Tachenko's remarks about Major Chepurny

Major Chepurny was a part of General Tachenko's inner circle who appeared in Call of Pripyat.


Call of Pripyat

Major Chepurny was one of the founding members of Duty who conspired the communications break-down to desert the military and was eventually stuck in a Space anomaly during an artifact hunt. Major Chepurny's corpse can only be seen after the player uses a Svarog detector near the cooling tower which causes the Space anomaly on top of it to implode, dumping the people inside it. According to General Tachenko's recording: Chepurny disappears from their group and the rest of them assumed he escaped. However, since he died in the same Space Anomaly as General Tachenko's squad, it's appears that he either escaped into a different space anomaly and was subsequently teleported back to the original one, or was stuck in another dimension of the same space anomaly.

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